Eco friendly ideas for Christmas gifts ⛸

Hello, my dear readers. Welcome to a new article. Because Christmas is just around the corner, I was thinking about coming with a list of things that your family and friends might like and are environmentally friendly.
And what better way to start this hunt of gifts, than start with my definition of it. A gift is that thing that you give to someone, that not requires payback and brings a lot of joy and happiness.

Usually, the best way to make a gift to someone is to ask them what they truly need. By doing this you don’t waste money on things that probably they won’t use or not like.
Now, I suggest you take a cup of hot chocolate and relax while reading my article.

My first idea was a hair scarf. There are companies that use the leftover material from making clothes for this type of gift and also look pretty fancy if you or your friends have long hair. Also, it’s easy to do it by yourself and not expensive. A good exercise for handmade gifts.

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During the whole summer, craftsmen work on wicker baskets. I think it’s an ideal gift for keeping the vegetables fresh and not in bags.We often face sprouting vegetables because they sit in the bags we use. In a wicker basket, vegetables are better resistant and airier.
In this way, we can also support the local economy.

Also, we can find some fancy wicker baskets for the bathroom. It gives a vintage air to your relaxation room.

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I know for sure that our planet has a constant fight with all the plastic that we throw in the trash. This fact isn’t just affected the health of the Earth but also kills thousands of animals worldwide daily.
So here is a great idea. Instead of continuing to buy plastic straws for when you have guests, we can buy stainless steel straws. Also looks better, no matter what are you drinking.

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Journaling is good for everybody. Maybe it’s the only place you can be honest and open with yourself and your thoughts.
So, this could be a perfect Christmas gift if you have female friends. We all do like to write down great memories, or the dreams we have about the prince in shining armor or any other great memory that we wanna save it. A journal can keep every secret. And we can find the post-consumer-waste recycled paper notebook.

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It’s winter and it’s pretty cold outside. We need to keep our hands warm while we are using our phones, and here I come with an amazing idea: recycled polyester touch screen gloves. Asos has these knit gloves, unbelievably soft made out of plastic bottles and textile waste. The great part is that you can keep your hands warm while you’re texting your friends.

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What I think is a special gift is a handmade Christmas ornament. We have a lot of things in our home that can be used: from colored cardboards to buttons and beads.
From that we can create amazing ornaments and also we can explore our imagination. Those who want to buy handmade ornaments can find online a variety of ornaments on different websites.

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And the last idea that came into my mind is the shea butter hand cream from L’OCCITANE. I like the fact that they have an aluminum tube that’s fully recyclable. Shea butter hand cream works for everybody and it’s perfect for cold days.

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I hope this ideas of Christmas gifts will be helpful for you. My favourite gifts are the handmade ones, because who made that put effort and love in creating something beautiful. Let me know in the comments below what do you think it’s the best gift idea and what are you planning to use as a gift for your friends and family. Stay close for another article soon.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. What a great article! I agree that homemade gifts are the best since they contain the one ingredient that is missing from gifts you buy at the store….LOVE

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