The art of ice- Dachstein, Austria

When winter is coming, she never comes empty-handed. She brings snowflakes, ice, cold wind, and joy. For those who love winter more than summer, mother nature has some gifts. And today I want to talk about one of these gifts that Lady Winter brings with her.

When it comes to skiing or winter sports, Austria is very good at this. But Austria still has more to offer.

In Dachstein (Austria) we can find the most spectacular ice palace, a unique attraction. A simple tour of this palace introduces you to a world that has been hidden from the outside world. A work of art, with so many details, with impressive columns, which have been worked on for months. The sculptors who worked on this palace created something that words would not be enough to describe. Inside we find the Throne Room, the Blue Hall, and the Crystal Church.

Darek Gutowski’s blog: Dachstein – Sky Walk and Ice Palace, Austria

Every detail on the columns was made with the utmost care to give this piece of art that mystical, fairytale air. It’s been a year of hard work but an amazing imagination. It was finished in 2007 but since 2020 is open for every curious eye daily. As you can find on their webpage, they invite each of us for an ”icy time travel through history”.

Darek Gutowski’s blog: Dachstein – Sky Walk and Ice Palace, Austria

Maybe this article was shorter than the usual ones but it certainly made us miss the holiday taste.
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Happy holiday!


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  1. It seems like a beautiful place!

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