Coffee for skin care

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I really enjoyed my years as a pharmacy student. I fondly remember many courses that I wanted to be endless. In the end, the last course taught before graduation was about coffee, a product that I love with all my heart, and that helped me during the exams.
And as a student in love with coffee back then, today as a grown person dependent on it, I want to talk about a few benefits that coffee has.

Coffee has a lot of benefits for the inside but also for the outside of our body. And the first thing I want to talk about is vitamin B-3.
When coffee is roasted, the trigonelline turns into niacin. This niacin is beneficial in preventing non-melanoma skin cancers or other skin growths.

During the pandemic we stayed at home for a long time. We must admit now that not all of us have done sports. And one of the effects of lack of exercise is cellulite. But also in the “treatment” of cellulite, coffee helps. Caffeine is what reduces surface cellulite by dilating blood vessels and improving overall blood flow.

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Anti-aging benefits? Of course, we also have such benefits from coffee. A study conducted by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) found that there is a direct correlation between the coffee we drink daily and the decrease in the effects of photoaging.
Their conclusion was: ”Coffee and polyphenol consumption was associated with low facial pigmented spots in Japanese middle-aged females. We speculated that coffee helps protect human skin from photoaging, and polyphenols, including chlorogenic acids, may contribute to the decreased hyperpigmentation of pigmented spots.”

Now if we were to continue with the benefits of the surface, I would like to stop a little at acne, or rather to treat acne.
Many young people face this problem, which from my point of view, is more invasive than in other years. Acne has many causes, but the environment in which we live has something to say.

CGAs in coffee have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If we combine these properties with the coffee grounds used in exfoliation, we could see that they work together to fight acne.
And speaking of costs, I think it would be more convenient for anyone to do such a “treatment” than buying millions of products that actually have no effect.

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Other properties that coffee has can be the calming effect, reduces inflammation and black circles under the eyes, and can even be used as post-sun care.
Today I chose those benefits that are the most sought after and which I personally found the most important. We will definitely return to this natural product and discuss it.

If you have any suggestions or opinions about this product or this article, I encourage you to use the comments section.


Sources: NCBI- Skin photoprotection and consumption of coffee and polyphenols in healthy middle-aged Japanese females

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  1. Great post! Coffee seems to have so many benefits, now I feel totally justified when I drink it! 🙂

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