Bio versus growth hormones

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Lately, we are more and more concerned about our health. And we care what we buy, if it’s organic, if it has E’s or growth hormones.
I am personally concerned about this issue because I want a healthy lifestyle and why not, a long life. But for all this, I have to document myself more because with the technological evolution, the information I already had also changes.

I recently discovered that if previously female growth hormones were used for birds and other animals, now they have been replaced with other variants that are not illegal to exist both in the product and on the label. Other chemicals but which have the same effect on the human body. The number of the population has grown from year to year, and that means people who have to eat. In order for the production to be fast and even doubled, all sorts of tricks were used.

Exactly the growth hormones that were used 20 years ago may not be used, but the effect is the same. What is devastating is how we all suffer. Obesity, early puberty, and many other abnormalities that were not part of people’s problems were arroused.
I watched documentary after documentary and I was surprised to discover a lot of new but also shocking information. We no longer know what we eat, we no longer know where to get our food to get rid of these substances that upset our hormonal system.

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In order for the production of farms to be high, be it poultry, pigs, or cattle, all kinds of substances are used in their food, accelerating growth, milk production, or the number of babies.

I grew up on a small farm and I saw my parents produce food for us and what was going to be for sale. There has never been a problem that they use substances that are harmful to the human body, artificial fertilizers, or special food for animals.

Indeed, production would be smaller and slower, and not so much money would be made. But at least we would live in a society with much healthier people, who would not ask themselves every day if the tomatoes they buy from the supermarket are healthy or not.
We already live in a society too crushed by stress, lack of time, and fatigue. I think that eating care should not be part of our daily routine.

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Besides the fact that we have to suffer after the long consumption of these unhealthy products, in the middle is the suffering that all these animals go through.
Chickens in cages that are too small and with high stress, cattle that eat all kinds of bone remains of other animals. The mad cow disease appeared after the dust of some sick bird bones got into the food of some cows.

So I would like to come to you with the following advice. Buy locally and from the producers, you consider honest people. Think more about your life and your health. The past year has shown us how fragile we already are. And besides the fact that we choose to eat healthier, we also choose to support small businesses.


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  1. I agree that we often don’t know anymore what we’re eating! I think it’s important to buy locally, from more sustainable sources. Great and important post.

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  2. I’m glad I was able to come up with some interesting information for you. Indeed, today nothing is what it used to be.


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