Northern wool socks

The whole idea of ​​this article came from the fact that at the weekend my legs were quite cold and I felt the need for something warm, soft and relaxing.
And in my drawer with socks of all kinds, I knew for sure that I will find something perfect and I found it. I choose the pair of socks in the image below.

So I thought maybe it’s time to talk more about the Northern fashion and lifestyle and what nice things they have. Today I am in love with socks and I want to tell you a little about that.

Photo source: Personal archive

Wool socks have been a part of my life as a child. Once upon a time, in Romania, there were some very cold winters. My grandma was the one who made sure that every winter everyone got the two pairs of socks she had been working on all year.
Certainly, like you, my dear readers, you like to have warm feet, no matter if you are in the house or out in the cold.

Ever since I started living in Finland, I have noticed that knitting socks is a hobby that can be found in most homes. It’s also relaxing, you learn new techniques every year, and if I don’t go too far, it can be a local business idea, considering that there would be customers who would buy ”jewelry” like that.

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Of course, socks are not something new in our lives. The clearest data would be from the 8th century BC. And these socks were popular until the ’38s when nylon socks began to appear.
In the Scandinavian countries, nålebinding (Danish) or needle-binding appeared during the Viking period (Denmark). And it has been preserved to this day.

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Sometimes I am dreamy or I imagine quite a few contexts, but imagine being in northern Finland or even Norway. To look at the Nordic lights and not feel the cold at all. Wouldn’t you enjoy more what your eyes can see and which will surely keep the mystical dances on your retina?

For me, they are a pleasure to wear when the cold season sets in. It takes me back in time to my grandma’s socks.
Besides, they can be made in thousands of variants and colors, they can be a gift that you rarely fail with. I don’t think there is a house that doesn’t have wool socks somewhere at hand this season.

There are pieces of clothing that can be fashionable in any way. I saw in my neighbors even woolen gloves that matched the woolen socks, pulled a little over the trouser leg. The Nordics are proud of this and I really like it.
I think I was born to be able to live this lifestyle.

And as I have become accustomed to every time, I am waiting for your opinions and suggestions in the comments section. Let’s talk, with warm feet.


Sources: friends and locals

2 responses to “Northern wool socks”

  1. My feet are always so cold, so sock are the must-have pretty much all the time, especially during autumn and winter. I love fluffy socks, and right now they come in all sorts of pretty colors, so they’re nice to look at as well. So yes, I think they’re totally fashionable!

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    1. I have the same problem with cold feet. Poor peripheral circulation. But there are these wonders that get us out of the impasse. 🙂 I am glad you liked my post.

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