Finland in the spring

It may not have mountains and waterfalls, or huge fjords, but the nature of Finland is of great beauty. In early spring, all wildlife is reborn. Okay, let’s start with the beginning, last Sunday I returned to Rauma to visit some friends. Because we had beautiful weather, we decided to go to the forest, where there are places specially arranged for barbecues, and we enjoyed the 18 degrees Celsius, the sun, the vitamin D, and a lot of bird joy. It was amazing.

I am a great lover of nature and I must admit that. Probably that’s why I don’t even live in a city full of concrete blocks, with almost zero vegetation.
In one of my articles, BIO VERSUS GROWTH HORMONES, I said that I was born and raised in the countryside until almost the beginning of high school. I had nature every day. And probably after so many years of missing it, now I’m glad to have it again, but in a different country.

Photo source: personal archive

It is a splendor that the forest can offer in April. The towering fir trees, the green moss that splendidly covers the rocks with his green coat, the song of the birds, and all kinds of spring flowers. We may not be the best inhabitants of this planet, and this has been proven in lockdown, that nature has recovered a lot, but to be able to enjoy such views is a great joy. And still, there are canceled festivals or many shops and fairs moved online, but Finland is worth visiting at the first opportunity.
If you enjoy running away from daily life, spring is the best moment to rent a cottage in the middle of the woods, plus a sauna.

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I look forward to the return of the swans, which are the Finnish national symbol. But in the spring the sky becomes like an overcrowded airport. Finland is a bird-watchers ’paradise. What is more interesting is that Finland can offer you bird observation towers. One that I know is Isonevan Suo and you can spot a lot of rare species and also enjoy the landscape, which for me it was breathtaking.

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Nature is surprising every year, it always finds something new, colorful, or fragrant to delight our eyes. Let me know in the comments section, how is spring in your country. I can’t wait to read about other countries as well. Enjoy the article and see you next Thursday.


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  1. My favourite country, can’t wait to return!

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    1. Your country is waiting for you whenever you want to come back. 🙂

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