10 Facts about sleep

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I think we all love to sleep, whether we are active during the day or at night. As you may have noticed, in today’s article I want to talk a little about sleep, and some facts that maybe you don’t know.
When I was a pharmacy student I learned that night sleep will never be the same as day sleep and here I am referring to its quality. During the night sleep our body recovers, so it is good for our sleep to start at 11 pm at the latest.

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•We may not all be sleepwalkers, but many people face this aspect in their lives. What I want to tell you is that if you live with a sleepwalker in the house, you can wake him up when he walks. It is a myth not to wake him up that he will suffer a panic attack or other such reactions.

•I was recently thinking about how deaf people sleep, or if there is something different in their sleep. And I’ve found that it’s very possible for them to use sign language while they sleep. I think that’s interesting.

•Normally, a night’s sleep should set in within 15 minutes. But if sleep sets in much faster than 5 minutes, then it is sleep deprivation. It is very important to pay attention to our sleep.

•For those who face stomach problems, especially heartburn, it is recommended that sleep be predominantly on the front. From my point of view, I think it is better for sleep to be on the front than to immediately resort to medication to treat this symptom.

•According to Maria Zamarripa, functional medicine dietitian and health writer, if you sleep in an unfamiliar place, half of your brain stays awake. ”When we’re sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, our brain senses that it should be a little more on-guard than at home.”

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•Some doctors say that if we want a restful and peaceful sleep, we should sleep from time to time separated from our partner. If our partner is snoring or moving, we are deprived of the restful sleep we need.

•Another thing that I discovered and that amazed me on the spot is that if we stay awake for more than 19 hours we are as mentally deficient as a drunk person. I think I’ll have to be much more careful about this.

•When we are deprived of sleep we can become even 60% more emotional in our reactions. For those who work with patients or have to prepare a file for the trial, it is advisable to sleep as well as possible and to rest.

•People who experience a very low testosterone level should know that the main factor in this regard is poor quality of sleep. It is not enough to sleep 8 hours a day if its quality is poor.

•In the case of people who are used to taking sleeping pills, the risk of death is 5 times higher. Even taken occasionally, the chances of death are 3.6 times higher than a person who does not use such drugs.

Sleep is essential in our development and functioning as individuals. It is very important to pay close attention to this aspect. Nowadays we have jobs that take up more and more time, a hectic lifestyle and we are always on the run. I think it’s time to think about our health if we want to live many years and enjoy life and family.
How much attention do you pay to sleep? If you know other things about sleep, I’m waiting for you in the comments section, but until then enjoy reading and see you next Sunday.


Sources: dreams.co.uk, foodfarmacistrd.com

2 responses to “10 Facts about sleep”

  1. Very nice article. I should learn something from it.

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  2. Very informative article. As a lifelong insomniac I know a lot about sleep or, more precisely, not sleeping…LOL…I do disagree with one of the findings you stated about not sleeping well in an unfamiliar place. When I am in a hotel, for example, I sleep like a baby and my sleep is more restful and deeper. I guess as an insomniac having the opposite reaction compared to “normal” sleepers makes sense…thanks for the article.

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