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With the arrival of summer comes the general cleaning and possibly the change of the design of the room in which we spend the most time. I am very happy to open the windows wide and feel the fresh air flooding my house. From what I’ve seen in the almost two years I’ve lived in Finland, Nordics don’t always like to have a house full of all kinds of things, just to be there. So today I want to come up with some home decor ideas for a relaxing living room when you return from work.

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The huge windows of this living room allow light to enter the room at will, and after a rather long winter and very short days, you want to enjoy all the light you can have during the summer. The shades of gray and beige on the white walls combine perfectly for a feeling of relaxation. I consider this chandelier to be the piece de resistance in this room. Large, but not imposing, chosen with taste and which chromatically blends perfectly.
And because the Nordics are great lovers of nature and this can be seen anywhere, with the naked eye, these windows not only bring a lot of light into the room but also let you admire all the nature that surrounds your house, this for those who have a house in the woods.

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In this case, the living room is upstairs. It’s an interesting idea, depending on what you want. Again we have very large windows, chromatically this room is similar to the one above, but the walls are made of glass in this case.
What I consider to be the piece of resistance, if we can call it that, is the ceiling completely covered in wood. The plants inside are very well combined with fir trees that can be seen from the outside, giving you the feeling of even more natural. Plants relax, although we may not realize it.

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And because we didn’t all have the same ideas, passions, and lifestyles, there are also more colorful living rooms that can’t keep you upset or stressed no matter how hard your day at work was. The white walls and shades of beige seem to be to everyone’s taste. But what gives life to this room are those colorful pillows on the sofa. From my point of view, this is an easy design to make, especially for an apartment living room, a little too minimalist I might say.

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The Nordics apply some simple rules and after that, they guide their house decoration. They don’t like their house to be full of everything, or very colorful, Scandinavians choose to go for shades of grays, browns, pinks, and purples. Also, they like to combine wood with metal, which in my opinion, blends perfectly. They like natural light, which is why the windows are so big, especially since they are great nature lovers. At the same time, the textile materials used are cozier and give you that feeling of relaxation. And for that to be complete, as can be seen in the photos above, the green plants are indispensable in the decoration.

Each living room has its own story. But one thing to know about Scandinavians, nothing is thrown away as long as it is in very good condition and they usually look for lifelong objects. What I like about Finns is that when they want to replace certain things or pieces of furniture, they don’t throw away the old ones, they organize all sorts of garage sales or on their terms, “kirppis”.I like to go “treasure hunting” through these places. I always find very interesting things, at affordable prices and in very good conditions. And because I’m a vintage lover, I think everything has its own story and it’s worth taking its story further, even if in another home.

I am waiting for you in the comments with your opinions about the ideas presented in this article, but also with any questions you may have on this subject. Enjoy the lecture and see you next Sunday, with an equally interesting article. Have a nice summer start.



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  1. I really love the Nordic design style. There is a simplicity to it that is very appealing. The way they incorporated all things natural, such as the use of wood and large windows to let in the sunlight, creates a sense of calm.
    i really like your reporting style and i wish you luck in your future endeavors. Thank you for this article.

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    1. I am very glad that you liked the article and that you found it interesting. The Home Décor series will continue with other places in the house, so stay close. Have a great Sunday!

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  2. Very nice article!

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  3. Great share!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoy it. ☺️

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  4. Very well written 🙂 we manufacture Scandinavian design chairs and sofas, please take a look at our blog:

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  5. […] I told you in the articles about the living room and bedroom, Scandinavians really like light, especially since the light hours are getting shorter […]


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