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As I promised, my dear readers, I came back with other interesting ideas about home décor, and today I choose to enter a little into the space most dear to us, namely the bedroom. I personally spend a lot of time in the house, in the bedroom. The bed is large and comfortable and especially on summer days, it is the coolest room. So follow me in the world of Scandinavian bedroom design.

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As I pointed out in the article about decorating the living room, Scandinavians love light, especially now that summer days are almost endless. They like pale colors, huge windows, and many green plants; they are great nature lovers.
This bedroom creates a state of well-being, release, and relaxation. It’s the space where you don’t take the stress of the day with you, or so I’d like to believe. They use natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, and even linen. I really like the attention it gives to textures when it comes to home and comfort. The plant support is in the same shade as its table at the edge of the bed, to create harmony.

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And in this case, we have very large windows that let sunlight enter the room unhindered. To be honest, I love it when the sun bursts and wakes me up.
In this case, the velvet curtain can be used especially during the summer when practically the night is not exactly night, because you do not have that intense darkness. We meet the pale colors again, but what I love about this bedroom are the huge mirrors on both sides of the bed. In the combination of emerald green and grey-ashes nuances, the eucalyptus arrangement is the final touch.

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This time we have slightly warmer, more variegated shades. But as we have become accustomed to, this time also we have large windows and white walls, so that the light is in all its splendor. Yes, we’re talking about light again. After long winter months and less light, in summer Scandinavians enjoy every minute of sunshine. The copper shades of the furniture are meticulously combined with that of the carpet, creating a feeling of coziness.

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I really like minimalist bedrooms like this, but also the ones above. In the images selected by me for the article, I chose the bedrooms with walls without wallpaper. There are indeed houses that use wallpaper, but the shades are just as light. This earthy-gray blends perfectly with the copper of the furniture and the green of the plant. It creates a feeling of union with nature, of love for it.

Scandinavians love beauty and art. They don’t think they should have rooms full of everything to feel like they have. And it’s chicer when you don’t have a lot of expensive things, all thrown in a room, to express opulence. Nordics don’t care much about what others say and I love that. Wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, and even linen are their favorite texture for the bedsheets or for the cover of the bed.
Since I moved to Finland, which is not exactly a Scandinavian country but is part of the Nordic countries, I have found many things responsible for the poor quality of sleep that I had in Romania. Nature here is amazing, whether it is summer or winter, here are always green forests because of fir trees, the bedsheets materials are clearly superior to many other countries and mattresses are the main thing that people care about when buying a bed.

If you like their style and want to decorate your homes, I hope you have an example of what you could start with. But I think a personal apprehension can be something that every bedroom needs. As I am well as accustomed to you, I am waiting for you in the comments section with any questions or suggestions you may have. Meanwhile, I wish you a relaxing Sunday and see you next week with a new article.


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  2. You need to come in Humor to do my studio flat,hopefully i can afford 😂😂😂

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