Soul, body and mind

Because we are humans and sometimes it is necessary to get rid of everything we do every week, to take care of mental health too, I came back to this article with some things that relaxed me last week.
I would have three keywords: sushi, friends, and spa. From Monday to Thursday I worked but on Friday I decided that my mini-vacation should start. Time to relax and recharge my batteries for the next busy period of time on my job.

Friday was a spa day, so to speak. Manicure and pedicure have been at the top of the list of things that relax me, and probably relax many of us. Massage, great conversations, and very pleasant results. That’s how Friday started for me. I don’t know how most of you will relax but I would like to know from your experiences as well. Inspire me.


Overnight I stayed with some friends. We had a Chinese menu, three ways to cook chicken and fried rice that immediately disappeared from the table. It was extremely delicious; my friends do not hesitate to test new recipes and cuisines, especially Asian ones. And I’m very happy when they do this. Laughter and jokes, are enough to seriously charge my batteries. And I say this because I feel that the next period (a few good months) will be super busy at work. So try to get everything good out of where I can. And I love positive energies and open people.
Unfortunately, in Finland, the summer is almost over and it’s hard to catch another day walking to the beach relaxed without thinking that the rain will catch you there.
I went home and before I got there, I had to make a stop to take sushi takeout to control my cravings. It looks like the whole weekend will be Asian style.

Place: K-Supermaket Rauma

Saturday evening could not end otherwise than in the Finnish style, with a sauna and a cold beer. So my pampering continued until midnight when I managed to turn off the TV, although a series I adore was playing on the screen, sleep must take precedence. This weekend I disconnected myself from everything that means work, whether it was about my job or about the blog.
If there is one thing I would recommend after this weekend, it is to take time for yourself from time to time. And if it’s not about discovering new things, or seeing dear friends again, at least it’s about sleep and disconnection from all that makes you tired during the week.

My home, before sauna

As for Sunday, it is just a day of relaxation. Sleep until noon, coffee drunk among the bedding, ruffled hair, and a whole day in pajamas. My Monday starts at 4.30 in the morning when I have to get ready, so I have to be perfectly rested. A face mask before bed and I will be perfectly prepared to resume things as I left them on Thursday.

How do you relax over the weekend or when you feel that your energy is quite low? I would be curious to try other things, so I’m waiting for you in the comments section.
But until then, I hope that my article will inspire you to make time for yourself and for your physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s very important, I say. Take care of yourself my dear readers and see you next Sunday. XOXO


2 responses to “Soul, body and mind”

  1. For me the best way to relax is to just relax. I don’t want to do anything, see anyone, or engage in any kinds of activities. As someone with insomnia, sleep is what I crave and when I can get it, I take it and enjoy it to the fullest. But, I’m glad you found methods of decompressing in your life. And I’m glad to see you enjoy sushi so much. Where did you try sushi the first time?
    OK, go rest.

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    1. Certainly each of us has our own way of relaxation and disconnection. The sleep is very good, but I can’t make time for the spa as much as I want, my job takes up quite a lot of time, sometimes even on weekends.
      As for sushi, to be honest, I don’t think I remember where I first tried it, but I have a special love for Asian cuisine. But my favorites will always be the frogs in garlic butter sauce, the French ones.


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