Happy Birthday 29

As it is understood from the title, today I celebrate my 29th birthday. Wonderful 29 years, full of everything, but absolutely everything. And because I am extremely positive, I never wanted to dwell on my unpleasant experiences. And look at me here with a smile on my face and maybe happier than ever. For some years now I have been imagining the perfect anniversary, with balloons, flowers and a huge cake. And easy, easy I’m chasing my dream.

For days I searched on Pinterest for all kinds of examples of decorations, menu ideas, and how to make my guests feel as good as possible. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief because I had the party yesterday and everything was fine.
There is not much to say. I missed my family, which are thousands of miles away, but I hope to see them again soon.
I had the closest friends with me and my partner. For a few good hours, we felt very good, laughed out loud, and enjoyed the whole family atmosphere.

This puppy jam was the soul of the party. Very active and playful, a comedy what else? Only when you look at him it does melt you on the spot. This year it seems that I had almost everything I wanted for years: close friends, balloons, cake, flowers, gifts, and a hearty meal.

For this good-looking and delicious cake, I want to thank my dear friend Gabriela and her partner Sanni, who made sure that everything turned out exactly as I requested. You rock it, girls.
Overall it seemed to me that everyone felt good and that makes me happy. In short, I’m still partying today. See you next time, also on Sunday and also at 1 P.M. Helsinki time.


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  1. Belated Happy Birthday! 🎂

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