The taste of the fall

For me, autumn means a holiday season, a transition from thin T-shirts to fluffy and thick blouses, to jackets and berets, but especially to the seasonal drink, which I adore (tea), and pumpkin cookies. Autumn also means fragrant chrysanthemums, ripe chestnuts, cinnamon, and a pastel of colorful leaves. This season it seems to go better with some ballads, like in the evening, on an old guitar, a campfire somewhere in the mountains with dear friends, and stories are told.

I have always been a lover of American movies in which the emphasis was on decorating the house for the coming of autumn, and the Halloween, and this thing has intensified over time. Every season I want to excel in the most meticulous and always fresh decoration.
Not to mention the landscape that leaves you speechless. Autumn I think is the most colored season.

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In Finland, as expected, the cold season set in earlier, and that can only mean fluffy blankets, tea or hot chocolate, and Netflix on weekends for those of us who work during the week.
But there is also the pleasure of changing your wardrobe, of reinventing yourself. As for fashion, stylist Benjamin Bruno returns to saturated colors and calls this “color therapy”, and the star of the year is Pantone, a pretty strong yellow.
Not to mention the scarves that are a must this season, even some hats. If summer is gone and we put the straw hats back in the box safely, this season we will take out the felt and natural leather ones.

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I remember the years when I was a child and growing up on the farm I had all kinds of beautiful experiences. My parents didn’t have time to decorate the house, the yard, or the garden, but they did it involuntarily. I remember the dried corn, gathered in all sorts of piles, the pumpkins waiting around in the kitchen to fill the whole house with their aroma and especially the juice of freshly crushed grapes.

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This season seems so romantic to me. Long walks in the evening through forests or parks with copper trees. When we return to normal, which I hope will happen, I want to enjoy every outing in the city, every coffee to go, every season itself, and everything it prepares in addition from year to year.

When I think of this beautiful season, I also think of smells and shades and here I mean candles and perfumes with sensual aromas, slightly spicy oriental, with vanilla, cinnamon or with warm notes of rose, jasmine and sweet fruit. Nothing a woman couldn’t want. And not just women.

For me personally, La Vie Est Belle from Lancome is the number 1 top in this matte season and Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, which is never missing from my perfume collection. Side note. I wrote an article about some of my soul perfumes, if you want to have a look for inspiration.

I hope that this autumn came to you with the same combination of flavors and colors, places that leave you speechless, unique experiences, and the taste of childhood. I want this article to be to your taste and see you next Sunday for a new article, also seasonal but more full of mystery.


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