October- the spooky month

October has begun, the month in which creativity can exceed limits. Halloween is not that far away and I think we all love sweets, costumes, parties, and mysteries. And there are a lot of activities to do during this period to have a lot of fun.

It depends on the tradition of each country and how it chooses to spend Halloween. And I know that this tradition is not exactly European, and maybe it shouldn’t be. But Finland has a few things in common with this event.
If it is not about decorations and trick or treating, then it is about the memory of those who are no longer among us. Here you go to the cemetery and light candles for loved ones who have passed away, then family dinner. But I prefer to take my imagination out of “mothballs” and take care of what I really like, namely to decorate and cook all kinds of cakes as spooky as possible.

Photo source: etsy.com

For a few years now, October has been making me think of pumpkins, funny and even weird faces. There are also books that you can’t read at any time because they don’t have the same feeling. The film seasons start with a lot of mystery or even horror, for those who love a lot of adrenaline. Unearth the history of the characters that led to the creation of this concept. And believe me, it’s very interesting to “dig up” secrets.

Photo source: Amazon
Photo source: Amazon
Photo source: Amazon

All the books presented above can be found on Amazon. For the most cinematic of you, you can also choose the versions of these books on Netflix. If you want something more mysterious but not very scary, I recommend a series that I personally adore, Good Witch, which can also be found on Netflix. And this series, believe me, has everything that Halloween means, love, mystery, and tradition.

Then comes the beautiful part, for me personally. When it comes to decorating the house even for the most insignificant event, I outdo myself. I like bats, pumpkins with strange smiles, spiders and ghosts.

Photo source: pinkpeppermintdesign.com
Photo source: thematimes.com

It seems to be such a festive month. You can let your imagination run wild and you can enjoy everything that comes out of your hands. And believe me, each of us hides talents we have no idea about. In some countries, it is still complicated with parties with a large number of people but this does not prevent us from gathering in small groups with dear friends and having quality time. And if your friends are just as much “into Halloween” as you then you can say you’re lucky.

For now, I’ll let the stars be pumpkins and cakes. It’s a whole month where you can do a lot of things until the spooky night of Halloween. Enjoy this colorful month, your books, and seasonal movies and I hope you are tempted by my options as well. I am waiting for you in the comments section with other options to spend October, in your style. See you next week for an interesting article, I say, and quite delicious.


3 responses to “October- the spooky month”

  1. I remember my childhood and how I used to look forward to Halloween: picking out the perfect costume and finding a bag big enough to hold all of those delicious candies. Now, as an adult, I can relive a little of that by watching little children going from house to house, happily shouting “Trick or Treat!”, and digging through their bags like little pirates sifting through their loot! I love seeing all of the miniature ghosts and goblins and princesses usually being escorted by their tired moms telling them to “slow down”…LOL..it really is a fun holiday. Thank you for this article.

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    1. I’m really happy that my article managed to take you back in time, to such sweet memories. That’s what I’m reliving again every year when is about Halloween to come. Enjoy the spooky month.


  2. Lovely article dear, thank you! 💋

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