13- Number or mythology

Whether we are talking about the Mayan calendar or Genesis, this number has always been the fascination of the whole world. And as we are in the month of Halloween, I would like to develop this topic a bit.

Even nowadays for some 13th, it means a bad day. For others, it has other meanings and for some it has none. For me, the 13th was a day full of surprises, and often pleasant. Speaking of superstitions, Tuesday was more of a bad day, especially at school. Pop quiz almost every month, on Tuesdays. According to the information I found ”in numerology, the number 13 is a proof number, which indicates a karmic debt. Thus, he can inspire “fear” precisely because the people who resonate strongly with the number 13 have left behind something unresolved, and now they have something to pay for”.

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At the beginning of the ’80s, a club called Club 13 was formed, consisting of 169 men. This club was founded in order to show people that in fact the number 13 is not unlucky as it is considered then but even now. Personally, I tend to think that this club has put karma to the test from all points of view in terms of superstitions, in the sense that everything we know today about spilling salting, passing under the stairs, or passing the knife over the hand has been done.

In Egyptian culture the number 13 meant the transition from the mortal stage to the immortality stage. The ladder that the soul climbs has 12 steps and once past the 13th it is considered that the threshold of immortality has been reached.

According to the mythology of the northern countries of Europe, there is the legend of the 12 gods, invited to the feast of Valhalla, by god Odin, where he had his palace. At the feast, a 13th person appeared uninvited, named Loki, who, not having a place at the table, killed one of the other 12, respectively Walder. Loki drew his name from the god of evil, and the number 13 brought bad luck and division.

If we talk about magic and reading tarot cards, the number 13 symbolizes death. Creepy right? But it does not refer specifically to physical death but rather to the death of the soul or its arrival in hell.

R. Allendy once said that 13 symbolizes “an organizing mechanism that supports the universe in a permanent way of oscillations and that leads it to specialize in nature.”

It seems that this issue has aroused the interest of many because in the books I browsed, in the movies I watched and the articles I read I found a lot of information and connections with this number. Everyone can decide what valences this number has, personally speaking, but I still strongly believe that what we think and transmit to the universe can return on the same note. And here I want to give an example. If you today, let’s say October 13, you think that you will be followed all day by bad luck and that nothing will work out for you, the universe will not work in your favor if you are a negativist. Because you get what you send. I personally believe in this too.

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In many countries, the number 13 is associated with the black cat, another superstition I have known since I was a child. In the community where we grew up, these two could not mean anything good. They may be coincidental, but they may not. Things happen every day, but I go back to what I said earlier, the universe works according to the energies we transmit.

And in this note, I want to end with the promise that I will write an article about the connection between the black cat and this mystical number. But until then I’m waiting for you in the comments section to tell me what 13 means to you. Have a spooky October!


Sources: editiadedimineata.ro

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  1. A very informative article. Who could have known that such a small thing as a number could have caused so much chaos in history. And since the negative thoughts about this number crosses so many cultures, cultures that had no contact with each other for centuries, perhaps there is something to this. Thank you.

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