The night of spirits

I have had a passion for this holiday since I know myself. And yet later I began to document what and how it came from. And of course, I turned to relatives who had gone through many years of life, friends, and books. And I discovered something I didn’t know.
Nowadays, everyone thinks of pumpkins with strange smiles, costumes, and spirits, when it comes to Halloween, but where did it start and what is the significance of this holiday?

Well, I discovered two options, just like I discovered on the old Wikipedia. Some would say it is a Christian holiday that celebrates the saints, others believe it is a pagan tradition influenced by the Celtic harvest festival, Samhain.
Etymologically speaking, Halloween appeared in 1745 and has Christian origins. From what I understand, “Halloween” would also be called the feast of the saints ( All Hallows’ Eve). The memory of those who changed lives, who brought knowledge to people’s minds, who paved the way, and who kept communities united.

And because it seems more like a Christian holiday, that explains why Finns go to their loved ones’ cemetery on Halloween Eve and light candles and bring them flowers.
You might expect me to come back tonight with some scary article about Dracula or why we associate bats with Halloween, but tonight I want it to be about loved ones who have passed away and left their mark on our lives with advice, a lesson, or a lifestyle. And that’s because it’s sad how seldom we think of those who are no longer with us.

Photo source: tonight’s desert

But besides the Christian side of this holiday, I can also enjoy parties with costumes, “spooky” sweets, and fun decorations. Because in the current context, of the pandemic, it is not possible to go anywhere, I chose to enjoy my favorite sweets from Sanni & Gabi, the girls who took care of my birthday cake and watch some season movies.

Photo source: Halloween costume with an app

Tonight gather with your loved ones, enjoy the holidays, and the costumes, and watch your favorite seasonal movies. I wish you a Halloween full of adventure and mystery. Happy Halloween!


Sources: Wikipedia, friends, and family.

2 responses to “The night of spirits”

  1. As usual, very informative. Halloween is a Christian holiday, the eve of the Feast of All Saints, but its timing was stolen from pagans. This was quite common in the early days of the church, combining Christian and pagan elements, to make recruiting among the pagans a little easier. Whatever, for me it’s about remembering those whom we have lost coupled with spooky things like scary movies and “things that go bump in the night”.
    Happy Halloween to you and to all of your readers!

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Happy Halloween to you too! 🎃👻


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