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It’s the beginning of November, and because I was “indebted” to you with an article about Scandinavian kitchen design, I wouldn’t want to let you wait too long. It is getting colder outside and we spend more and more time inside, and when we stay at home we usually start moving furniture and redecorating or baking.

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As I told you in the articles about the living room and bedroom, Scandinavians really like light, especially since the light hours are getting shorter in the cold season. White walls and large windows are also found in the design of kitchens. Their minimalist style is found in many homes, but it does not mean they are boring. The pure white of the walls is intended to create the feeling of as much space as possible. The desire for green and the fact that the holidays are approaching pushes us to “adopt” as many green plants or even fir trees of different sizes. Wooden decorative objects are very often found in Scandinavian countries. Their style relies heavily on bright, neutrals, white simple lines, natural elements, with pops of wood.

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Because I said above that Scandinavian kitchens are on a minimalist trend, in this case, I present a kitchen with a little drama. The black can be integrated quite easily into the design of a kitchen. Setting the tone is the jet-black island that provides a striking background for visual textures like the marble countertop and rustic white walls.

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The natural wood farmhouse table is an example of how items equally comfortable in a modern farmhouse kitchen can work in rooms like this one. A mid-century vibe also works well in Scandinavian spaces like kitchens like this. The masterfully carved beams are a plus to create the atmosphere of childhood, of the holidays spent on the farm, with the smell of apple pies. You can also find those white walls and bright windows here.

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In this case, we have a classic kitchen style. Scandinavians are great lovers of wool in general, and here wool rugs have been masterfully integrated. The piece of resistance from my point of view is the black faucet that stands out in color. Besides the cabinet knobs, which are also stylish, the lighting system that is a necessity in the kitchen is outstanding. Three natural elements seal the deal of this kitchen’s charming appeal: the plants, the handmade wood stools, and rustic branches.

The time we spend in the kitchen must be relaxing even when we want to prepare a hearty dinner or bake a cake. I hope that these kitchen design ideas will help you in decorating your own kitchen. I am waiting for you as usual in the comments section with your opinions. In the meantime, enjoy reading and see you next Sunday at the same time.


3 responses to “Scandinavian home décor- kitchen”

  1. I must say that I do like the minimalist style. It’s very clean and not cluttered. And, through it’s use of wood and other natural materials, it creates an instant feeling of being “at home” even if you not in your home. Your article summed this up perfectly since what makes a house a true home will always be the kitchen. Good job!

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  2. That is very valuable … here I also find some informative blogs related to Home Decor, which I share with you

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    1. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Truly appreciate it.


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