The night of St. Nicholas

Tonight it is said that Saint Nicholas visits all the children in the world, a kind of Santa Claus but with a different idea. When I was little I always prepared the most beautiful boots and put them in front of the stove and I went to sleep. The next day I was going to find out if I was good enough to deserve something good or if I had to try to be better. Every year he came with fragrant oranges, chocolates, and sometimes a stick. I knew that stick was because I was upsetting my parents and that I should try to do my best. And I tried, really.

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This holiday season makes me more sensitive, bringing back the most beautiful memories of my childhood. I didn’t grow up with all the new toys or the most beautiful clothes, but I grew up in the most beautiful and loving family.
And now you may be wondering what the story of Saint Nicholas is, so I will share it with you as I know it.

He was orphaned by his parents, but they left him a fortune. As a child he was loving God and the poor and tried to help, so now in possession of wealth, he decided to do well with it.
My mother said that one night St. Nicholas heard a father crying, by the window, because of poverty. He had three daughters and they were very poor. The next day they woke up and found a bag of coins in their boots. Since then, every year, all the poor that Saint Nicholas has reached have received pennies or goodies in their boots. And because all this was happening without anybody seeing him, we now end up where gifts are found in boots and not given directly. My mother also said that there are children who sometimes do not receive anything and although we also had sticks nearby sweets, we are good children, but not greedy.

As children, we tried to impress him because we knew that he reaches all good children, so I and my sister polished all the shoes with great care. I never wondered how he was doing this, when he was doing this, or what I would get next year. But I was wondering if my orange would be bigger than my sister’s. And we both laughed.

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Tonight all the children dream of sweets in the boots and because it is the season when we have to be better and more generous, I urge you to have an open heart for those around you. I would like to leave you in the world of dreams with a smile on your face and emotion in your soul.


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  1. Outside of Orthodox communities here in the US, this holiday is not celebrated or even known. I only learned about it as an older adult when I made friends with people from Eastern Europe. I think that’s a shame. It’s such a lovely and warm holiday. I am in favor of any day that brings joy to children. But, maybe it’s best that it stays a secret here or stores would try to commercialize it and it would lose it’s special and gentle meaning. So, your secret is safe with me!
    Thanks for the post.

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