Christmas- dinner table settings

It is very little time left until Christmas when we will meet with family and loved ones and we will exchange hugs and good thoughts. And if we want the dinner to be a real success, we shouldn’t miss those pieces of decor that make this meeting impossible to forget. So I’ve prepared some examples of how I would like to decorate the Christmas table, maybe it will inspire you too.

Because I live in a Nordic country, I would like to start with our style of dining decoration, minimalist, a little chic. Using shades of white, black, and gray is very easy to play with it. Starting with the white tablecloth, continuing with the black chairs, and spiced with fresh fir twigs. Some might say it’s a little dramatic, but what will steal everyone’s attention is a hearty dinner and a couple of hot glögi.

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Of course, for lovers of color, there are options too. In this case, we went for the combination of red and green, the colors of Christmas. The white candles were the touch that this design needed to be perfect. If new people come to dinner, your fiancée, mother-in-law, or relatives you haven’t seen in years, this is the perfect setup.

From my point of view, the combination of rustic and elegant went like a glove. Because there are countries where Christmas does not necessarily mean cold and snow, but palm trees and hot sand, this design that includes summer flowers is ideal. The color palette is not tiring and does not distract.

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Returning a little bit to the Nordic countries, many people and families will spend the Christmas holidays at the holiday home (mökki) on an island or near lakes/ sea. If it is very cold, angling can become an adventure for everyone, especially for children.
But in this case, beige is the star. The shades of green and gold blend perfectly with the decor of the cottage and at the same time create that feeling of celebration. Elegant and yet casual, from my point of view this dining setup deserves an honorable dinner.

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No matter how much we are caught up in this holiday season, let us not forget that the planet suffers every day. So, in this case, I would like to introduce the idea of ​​preparing a Christmas table with eco-friendly decorations. We have a lot of options at hand, but I stopped at a single combination that not only saves the planet but also the money we spend extra.
Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh fir and oranges? Exactly, we all love this combination and it awakens our childhood memories. A few sprigs of fir that can be taken from any fir trader, oranges from a grocery store, and small business candles, and everything is ready. Not only does this decor definitely have an impact on the environment but it looks very chic and maybe a little sober, but also “I’m glad to be home”.

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The holidays unite us, wherever we are in this world. Let’s not forget to enjoy the year, full of lessons, that are just coming to an end, and our loved ones who love us unconditionally. Let’s enjoy the snow, the family, and the magic of this season, but let’s not forget the least privileged, whether it’s sick or needy.
I hope my ideas help you prepare for Christmas. I am waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions and on the email address if you want to leave your impressions about this blog. See you on the first day of Christmas with a slightly different article, at 5 pm Helsinki time.


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  1. A very nice article. You describe a Christmas scene straight out of a home decor magazine. One thing you wrote made me laugh. You said that the table would be decorated with twigs. If, as a boy, I put twigs on the table from outside I think my mother would have thrown both the twigs and me out the door since they were not clean! LOL.I guess city folks have a different reaction to nature than people more surrounded by it. Anyway, a very nice article. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Lovely article dear! Great job 😊

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