The night between the years

I guess any lady wants to look perfect at the New Year’s Eve party. And we can wake up in two situations: either we are uninspired, and here I come with some suggestions, or we already know what we will wear even before Christmas. And to feel perfect and good with yourself, you have to look good. It has often happened to me that a simple dress that looks impeccable on me makes me feel like a million bucks.

Whether you want to opt for a dress or overalls with a bareback, there are options in all directions. Let’s see what I found.

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For fashion lovers who want to juggle clothing, I would recommend this deux pièce outfit. A classy black skirt, which highlights the top with sequins is a safe choice and fits on several types of silhouettes. Accessories in the same shades complete the outfit. From my point of view, this outfit does not require any other additions. You can step on the red carpet feeling impeccable and ready for fun.

I don’t think pink powder will ever expire and it’s one of my favorite shades. This satin dress will make you look like you are floating while dancing and will surely steal everyone’s eyes since not many women wear this type of material, especially this season.
The clutch that is in perfect harmony with the sandals, but especially with the jewelry, is highlighted precisely by its simplicity. From my point of view, this outfit can make you feel like a goddess.

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My Little Black Dress is an iconic item. In this case, you have the free hand to play in accessorizing it. In my opinion, this outfit does not need many accessories. A touch of sensuality, however, offers the combination of black velvet and a strong red lipstick. Accompanied by a subtle fragrance, this outfit will not be easily forgotten.

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A chic outfit that comes out of the comfort of such an event can be this type of overall. With the back visible and without being loaded with accessories, but in the festive shade it can have its place at the table of those well dressed. The black of the sandals and the clutch make the outfit not boring at all.
In my opinion, for an outfit with the back visible, I consider that a pair of long earrings and as simple as possible are the best choice, especially if the hair is tight in a light bun.

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Of course, at such an event you can’t miss the outfits in strong, vibrant colors, whether it’s a bright red or emerald green. And if the party does not impose a dress code, then this outfit is in the right place at the right time. Accompanied by a perfume legend, which is also my favorite *see the article on the history of perfume*, will be perfect.

I wish you that the coming new year will be full of surprises, adventure, and new discoveries. I wish this article would have inspired you in choosing the outfit for tonight. Happy New Year!


2 responses to “The night between the years”

  1. Although I don’t think these dresses come in my size…LOL…I think if I were going to dress someone I would choose the first one and the third.
    Fun article and Happy New Year to you and your readers!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation and have a happy new year as well.


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