Scandinavian bathroom design

I’ve always been passionate about interior design, but I don’t think I’ve paid much attention to it. But since I started this blog, I seem to have found that burning passion. Anywho, I came up with some ideas to decorate the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. But I can’t leave aside the place where I relax the most, the bathroom.

Some people relax in the kitchen making something sweet or something gourmet, others in bed reading a book, but all I want after a full day is to throw myself in the tub and fill myself with foam under my nose. I’m not kidding. I also like to have a glass of wine and some Zen music. Or to have an hour of the sauna before. So let’s begin.

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This bathroom can be adapted to any country, from Finland to Canada, from Europe to the United States. Bright, spacious, and perfect for marble lovers. Equipped with two sinks, a bathtub, and a shower, everyone can mind their own business, without your husband waiting for you to go out. Especially on a Monday morning when everyone is in a hurry to work.

The mix between marble and wood is absolutely gorgeous. The “drama” in this design is the black shower door handles and the faucets. This has another plus. You know when you are half asleep and you have a tendency of hitting furniture with your toes? Well, let me tell you, in this type of bathroom you’re safe.

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This type of bathroom is for all tastes, I could say. Equipped with a bathtub and shower, it can be used simultaneously. Because I live in Finland, the country of the sauna, I couldn’t help but talk about this type of bathroom, which also contains a sauna. What I like the most about the design of this bathroom are the nuances. The wood blends perfectly with the warm beige carpet. As we have already accustomed you to, the Nordic or Scandinavian style often has white walls, which create the feeling of space.

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In this case, the bathroom has only a shower, for most of us with either small bathrooms or always on the run. A quick shower and you’re ready to go. What I love the most about this one is the pearl white sink and the dramatic style of the shower glass wall. Clean glass embedded in the black frame that goes perfectly with the faucets. It’s also very elegant.

In this type of bathroom, I don’t think strong lights would work. Every detail goes hand in hand creating a cozy and yet sensual vibe.

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Moving on to the Swedish style, I chose these two bathroom designs. In a small place, in fact, the shower can be combined with a long bath in the bathtub. Whether you are on the run or looking for relaxation, you can have both in the comfort of your own home.

I love the design of this bathtub, although to be honest, I don’t know how comfortable it is. Beige shades blend perfectly with gold faucets. The white walls and the window that gives as much natural light as possible are a big plus from my point of view. Simple but chic.

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And last but not the least, the second Swedish design I’ve chosen. It has the same type of bathtub. Designed all in white, I love the feeling of space that this one is giving. The big window allows you to watch the late sunsets right from under the bubbles. The green plant it’s the ”exotic” touch so you can picture being anywhere in the world you want.

If some of you are in the middle of designing the bathroom or changing everything completely, I hope my article will become handy for you. For those who just enjoy reading or redecorating the existing bathrooms, I’m gladly waiting for your suggestions in the comments section or straight to my email.

If I would live in a house, I would probably change the design every two years. Right now my job keeps me away from my home and I can’t make changes in a rented apartment.
I hope you enjoy reading this article and I’ll see you next Sunday, at 1 PM, Helsinki time.


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  1. Very interesting article, thank you. I must say that the bathroom is a room that most people take for granted. As long as it has its basic components, I never really thought about it from a design perspective. You have opened my eyes to that. However, it must be noted that the bathrooms depicted in your photos are, in some cases, larger than the average NY apartment….LOL.Great job!

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