A hidden enemy?

With this pandemic we are living in now, many problems have come: inflation, rising prices, and huge bills. And with this agitation in which we are trying to figure out what to do with our lives and with our new normalcy, it is difficult to think about the suffering of this planet that we call home.
Everywhere there is a problem of pollution and measures are taken or not taken in each country. It has even become a marketing topic on many influencers’ Instagram accounts. My question is: how many people really care about the current situation of our planet?

Photo source: creativemarket.com

A couple of weeks ago, shredding up the older bills, for security reasons, I went back on the cutting process (removing the plastic film), and then I thought it was time to research more on this topic. On the afandpa.org website, I discovered that much more things happen in recycling centers than I would have expected, and many other sorts of things than we do at home, as responsible citizens. I found that we could throw paper envelopes or staple papers in the recycle bin. Anything extra and useless is removed to the center.

I think in the last three years I have started to worry more and more about the crisis that this planet is going through from the discovery of plastic until now. An extremely long period in which we consumed unknowingly and did not care too much about the consequences. Now that the planet is suffering more and more, it seems to concern me a lot. I try to be as responsible as possible and recycle as much as I can.

Photo source: artedguru.com

However, there are also envelopes that can’t be thrown away in the recycling bin, such as bubble envelopes and poly mailers. If your city or country does not accept this type of envelope, you can search for a recycling center and ask there what to do next.
I believe that the best option, in the internet era, is the online bill. No trees are sacrificed for your bill and you don’t have to find recycling options either. That would do so much good for the planet and beyond. We are so attached to phones that it would be difficult for us to miss online bills or their notifications.

Not many people think about small things and that’s why I would like this article to be a source of information for those who come to read it. I invite you to tell me in the comments section how you proceed with the invoices and envelopes that come in your mail and how many of you consider that virtual mail is a solution.
As usual, I would meet you on Sunday with a new article, but because Monday is an important day in the lovers’ life, I will have a special article posted on Monday at 14 o’clock, Helsinki time, so stay close and enjoy your loved ones.


Sources: http://www.afandpa.org, http://www.allcolourenvelopes.co.uk

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