Scandinavian nursery design

The birth of a child is perhaps the most emotional moment of a woman’s life. It is a joy that hardly finds a translation. But before the baby arrives, more things need to be put in place, especially the baby’s room.
Inspired mothers start preparing everything necessary in advance so that when they come home with the baby they feel more relaxed knowing that everything is at hand. So in this article, I thought to touch on this topic in hope of helping future moms who are looking for ideas.

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Because I live in a Nordic country, I chose a few models to decorate the baby’s room in the Scandinavian style. I chose a neutral-gender design, so as not to create differences or support preconceptions.

Beige is a warm color, and the texture of the wood being highlighted gives life to this room. Nordics love the most natural style, their love for nature is reflected in their homes, as I showed you in previous articles. The cashmere blankets and furs are in high demand, and after choosing the crib, the most important choice is the armchair for the mother, where she will spend many hours with her baby.

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One detail that some moms might love would be the plush toys and decor on the baby’s cribs or clothes to be made in harmony. Thus they will grow accustomed to their shapes and even with love for nature, say some specialists. Great attention should also be paid to clothes cabinets and baby changing tables. The changing table should have enough drawers and compartments for easier handling of diapers and other care products.

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I wanted to come up with some decorating ideas, but the most important thing is for the mom to feel relaxed when she puts her baby to sleep or even watches him sleep. Wooden toys are in high demand, especially for children over one year old. Children grow up fast and those wooden toys are durable and at the same time friendly to nature. And because we were talking about nature, they can be donated or sold with even longer durability.

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This article is based on both personal opinions and the experiences of my friends who are parents of young children. I want the information in this article to help you and your friends. I invite you to leave me your opinions in the comments section and I’ll see you next Sunday at the same time with a new article.


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