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We live in a world where almost everything has to be posted on social media, and that’s where we find the source of our despair as women. Everything is perfect: perfect face, perfect body, ideal life. And if we sit still and think, behind those images are often hidden completely different things. Through this article, I would like to tell every woman that she is beautiful, strong, and capable to accomplish many things.

A few weeks ago, when I wrote the article about silk, I started with a question: what can be worn around the house apart from those cozy pajamas? It’s true that they are comfortable and warm, especially in the winter days, but I was sitting and thinking that, whether someone sees us or not, we should or are allowed to play with underwear to our heart’s content.

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Personally, I like to look good even in the comfort of my home, not only when I go out in society and here I mean silk robes, lace bras, even accessorized at will. Ever since I played with dolls, I liked to juggle fashion, with clothes, I felt that I could create everything my imagination could. At almost 30 years old, I became my own model in the same continuous game.

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You can play with all kinds of textures, from silk to cashmere, from lace to tulle, you have a free hand to everything you like. During the week we, women, struggle with what to wear to look impeccable so on weekends if we want to stay home, go ahead to explore in the dressing room.

Photo source: Pinterest

In playing with textures and materials you can even discover a new side of yourself and by chance a new clothing combination for next week. There are many options, you just find them.
For example, I love this combination of denim and lace. A lace bodysuit like this I think can be brought to light for going out with the girls. However, I would replace this sweater with a short leather jacket, biker style. But that also depends on taste.

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Feel feminine and good in your skin. You are beautiful no matter what you wear or where you are. Let your home be your empire, wear what you want and explore. Play with your imagination, and wear everything you wouldn’t normally wear. Because in 2 days it is women’s day, I would like this article to be dedicated to all women in the world.

I’m waiting for you with a new article next week, Sunday, 1 PM Helsinki time, but also in the comments section so every time. Have an amazing spring.


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