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Spring has started more than a month ago and many people are preparing for the warm and beautiful summer season. Many preparations are being made in the lives of those who, due to the pandemic, has postponed the moment when they will say I DO. When you are preparing to become a bride, you are entering a huge crisis of ideas. You seem to know what you want but you can’t find enough inspiration anywhere. And because I know all about this “hysteria”, I would like to come to the aid of future brides with some ideas for arranging their hair. Because isn’t it? We all want to be unique.

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If we look at history, the Celtic style of brides involved braids and ribbons, fabrics, or lace. The symbolism of this hairstyle meant feminine strength and luck. Because in those days no veils were worn but rather the beauty of nature, the flowers caught in the bride’s hair also had symbolism. For example, lavender symbolizes love and devotion to the future husband. This is a detail that must be taken care of if you want to choose this style.
For future brides who have short hair and still want this type of hairstyle, they can find all kinds of tricks to be perfect for the special day. Nowadays there are all kinds of hair fabrics on the market that can be attached like extensions, so it is easy to get rid of such a worry.

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If we are talking about the Viking style, the said that ”in Viking society, women wore their hair long as a sign of status and to be appreciated for its beauty”. As in the case of Celtic hairstyles, Viking brides braided their hair as elegantly as possible and accessorized it with ribbons and jewelry. Both men and women styled their hair in such a way as to show their social and marital status, religion, or the tribe to which they belonged. That’s why many of the hairstyles are recognizable, such as those from the Fulani tribe. In this case, too, it was not customary to wear the veil.

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For brides who want to keep up with the trends and have rich and beautiful hair, I would recommend this hairstyle, the mix style. Somehow inspired by Nordic styles, this hairstyle is simple yet stylish. The curls are the star, in this case, accessorized with small details with pearls. This hairstyle is perfect, especially for brides who will not wear a veil.

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Most of us dreamed of princesses when we were little. Some of us changed our tastes once we grew up, others kept that childhood princess magic. Because I wanted this article to be as tender as possible, I couldn’t skip this royal style.
A bun at the base of the neck, covered with tighter curls is easy to make and has its elegance. Accessorized with a tiara and simple jewelry, it can’t help but stand out.

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And last but not least, the dama haircut season. Easy to arrange in a short time and without big hassles, it seems that this is the star of weddings in 2022. In the case of this type of haircut, I would recommend light curls and accessorize with a wreath of either seasonal flowers or eucalyptus. Good and looks sensational.

In this season full of preparations, I am convinced that any idea is welcome. If you are going to get married or know a friend who is going to take the big step, recommend her my article if you think it is the right thing to do. I am waiting for you with your opinions in the comments section as always. In the meantime, good luck with the preparations and see you next Sunday, at 1 pm, Helsinki time.



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