Summer patio design

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Summer is just around the corner and we can prepare our backyards, balconies, or gardens for long evenings in the moonlight with our loved ones and friends.
In the first image, there is a smaller patio for those who live in an apartment building. In some cities, those are shared and it is great if you get along very well with your neighbors and have a beer or a cocktail. In shades of beige and cream, you can easily create a cozy space with a summer aroma. Green plants are the pieces of resistance in this case. Even in the middle of the crowded city, you can create an oasis of peace and relaxation, either after work or for the weekend.

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For those who own a house, there is room for even more imagination. You can add large umbrellas and even woven rugs from all kinds of dried plants. What I really like in this case is this rather high fence that offers privacy and at the same time a Mediterranean air. Another detail that I sincerely adore is that rocking chair that can be seen on the right side. Plant lovers can juggle much more with them; flowers and plants create a state of well-being and tranquility, so they would be a big plus.

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As in my case, there are probably many of my readers, block dwellers who only have a balcony that they can arrange as a smaller patio. And I tell you that it is very possible to do so, and for those without inspiration here is one of the options I thought of while writing this article. We all have a few flower pots that fortunately survived the winter, which is a bit long in the case of Finland and the Nordic countries. We can take them out in the sun, juggle the small space we have, and create an oasis of peace. We can take out a coffee table from the gray glass or one with a black grid and two chairs from the woven twigs and in a few minutes, the perfect space to read and relax was created. What do you say?

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Over 70% of Finland‘s residents live in the city, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a block of flats. Many of them have what is called mökki (holiday home) and for a summer vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this type of patio is what I consider perfect. The silence of the forest, the song of the birds, and maybe the whisper of a nearby stream are the most beautiful music. A book and a cup of coffee or cold tea will surely make your day as beautiful as possible. And believe me, it’s worth the investment. The dance between the shadows and the rays of the sun will be glimpsed through this woven chair that is in great demand in the season that is about to begin.

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Lacquered wooden benches, a few comfortable pillows, and a blanket for cooler evenings are part of this dream decor. In the evening the garlands of lights can be turned on and while you are sitting with your friends on the terrace you can listen to the crickets singing among the pauses during which you sip a glass of wine. The lamps on each pole are my favorites, I remember my childhood with my grandma.

I know it’s just the end of April but summer is right over the corner, giving us enough time to get ready for holiday and relaxation. I hope this article will inspire you in organizing your holiday and summer environment. Feel free to share your ideas and opinion in the comment section and I’ll meet you with another interesting article next Sunday, at 2 P.M. Helsinki time. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend, and Happy Easter to those who are celebrating today.


3 responses to “Summer patio design”

  1. Great article. It makes me wish I had a yard or a large patio space. I only have a small balcony, though, and there’s barely enough room for me and a folding chair…LOL…but thank you for this inspirational article.

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    1. You’re so funny with your folding chair, but you can always stand if you need more space 😂

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  2. Thank you for sharing!

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