Avocado. Benefits you need to know about this fruit.

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The vast majority of us like avocados and that’s a good thing. We introduced it in our diet quite quickly and now we find it in almost any breakfast product, from shakes to sandwiches, from salads to desserts.
But it is important when we consume it. According to nutritionists, avocado is very high in fat and is therefore recommended in the first part of the day. But let’s see what the 10 most important benefits of avocado are.

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•I would like to start with what I consider to be the most important aspect, especially in the century in which cancer has exploded the number of diseases. Avocado prevents the onset of various cancers and has strong antioxidant properties.

•For the proper functioning of the body we need complex proteins and amino acids, and avocado contains 18 amino acids that participate in the formation of these complex proteins, so essential to the body.

•It is a good source of folic acid for pregnant women.
Containing vitamins B6 and B9, they help normalize the level of homocysteine, which is primarily to blame for cardiovascular disease.

•Remaining to the cardiovascular system, avocado contains 35% more potassium than a banana. This mineral is essential for heart health.

•Due to its high fiber content, it plays an essential role in the health of the digestive system. Insoluble fiber cleanses the colon, prevents constipation, and can help prevent colorectal cancer, while soluble fiber regulates appetite (prolonging the feeling of satiety).

•Avocado is rich in nutrients, and it can be a key ingredient in cosmetic masks, as it gives shine to the skin and hair.

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•Avocado is also recommended for people with diabetes or dysglycemia. Nutritionists recommend it because, through its healthy fats and soluble fiber, it regulates the glycemic level and insulin resistance of the body.

•Alzheimer’s is a disease that terrifies at the mere thought of it. But again, this wonderful fruit comes to our aid. Avocado is a rich source of vitamin E, a substance that neutralizes free radicals that destroy brain cells. Foods high in folate, such as avocados, help reduce the risk of depression.

•Avocado is wonderful. Due to its lutein content, it can help improve vision.

•And last but not least, this benefit is for us ladies. Time passes by each of us, but we want not to show it to the world, so they get it in
cosmetic oils, with a moisturizing and anti-aging role.

But care must be taken that this fruit is not consumed in large quantities and excessively. The consequences are not exactly what we would like. Avocado is high in fat, as I said before, and overeating can lead to liver problems that can have serious consequences. The absorption of certain medicines may also be altered.
My advice is to consume it in well-thought quantities and possibly even consult a nutritionist.

Take care of yourself and stay safe every day.


2 responses to “Avocado. Benefits you need to know about this fruit.”

  1. I’d heard about the benefits of avocados but I had no idea about all of these benefits. Thank you for this article. You have really opened my eyes.

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    1. And I only posted 10 of them. There is much more to know.


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