Scandinavian design – the hallway

Whether we are talking about our house or the ones we visit, the entry is the room that creates the first impression. If it is neat and tidy, the whole house will surely be like that. Today, to finish the “tour” of the Nordic style interior design, I will present some ideas for arranging the hall.

One of my favorite designs is this one. It has in its combination everything that Scandinavians love: light, natural wood, and plants. This beige mix of the hallway in contrast to the kitchen furniture seems divine to me. Although it is not seen in this image, on the opposite side of the mirror can be placed a few chairs for the moments when we need to put on shoes and vice versa or even a two or three-seater bench covered in simet or velvet.
The white of the walls in the mix with the wood creates that feeling of immaculate.

It is certainly not difficult to find lovers of space, large and spacious rooms and well lit. For those space lovers, I chose this design. A long and spacious hallway, with a harmonious mix of beige shades and, carefully lit depending on how much light is desired. At the end of the hall, we have the indispensable green decoration plant that sustains the life of this hall.
I really like the marble mix of the left wall with the simple right wall and the color of the parquet. From my point of view, it is a successful mix, with good taste and it is not ostentatious.

If I’m talking about the country where I live, then Finns would definitely love this design. Combine several elements mentioned above plus the decorations from twigs or hand-woven rugs. It creates a feeling of warmth, a kind of “welcome to my house”.
This immaculate white is, I say, the typical Finnish signature. I love this wooden bench and the fact that that radiator is placed immediately under the bench is a great idea, especially in the cold season.

This warm combination of wood with the stiffness that white has, in general, creates the feeling of “home”. I love this design, the fur on the bench and that wicker box are the touches that this hallway needed. And the design of the front door is very well chosen, that note of drama given by the black frame combined with the chandelier in a modern style seems to invite you to cross its threshold.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. A narrower hallway, with a few earthy shades such as that chair, a light gray parquet with long sides, and shadows that are created from the natural light coming from the windows of the other rooms.
The piece of resistance in this decor I consider to be that gorgeous chandelier, dressed in gold.

Consciously or unconsciously, the house says everything about us, so it is good to keep in mind the place where we print our identity.
There are three general ways in which we express ourselves through space: the house is a way of deliberately asserting our identity, intentionality, a selection of accents placed in our lives and the house betrays elements of our subconscious, impulses, preferences, talks about our taboos. The way we present our house says a lot about us as individuals, and as I said at the beginning of the article, the entry is the first room that creates an impression.

Now whether we’re visiting friends or opening our doors to someone, I don’t think many of us will be able to make such a complex analysis of the space we were in at the time. Nor can we ask Sherlock Holmes for any mini-investigation, interpreting acutely and intelligently correlating the details. But we can do this in our own little detective exercise.
That was my dear reader for today. I am waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions and even suggestions. See you next Sunday, at 2 pm, Helsinki time.


Photo source: Pinterest

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  1. You have a wonderful sense of the aesthetic. I should have you come here and decorate my house. LOL…great article, thank you.

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