Scandinavian home office

The pandemic that has gripped us for the last two and a half years has made us change our lifestyle almost wholly, including the way we work. Many companies continued their activity with employees working from home.
Working from home, you must have a space where you feel good and can complete all your tasks. Today I want to show you some decoration ideas for the home office.

I think that the most important factor that we have to take into account when we want to organize an office in our own home is that the room has access to natural light. If you wonder why this aspect is so important, then find out that natural light helps the body produce vitamin D, increases the level of serotonin, helps synthesize melatonin, helps regulate the internal clock, and combats seasonal affective disorders.

I have to admit that the first example is by far what I would choose for myself; I love the natural light that enters between the blinds and that gives the room a more office look. For a more pleasant environment, I would recommend white furniture or shades as light as possible. White gives the idea of ​​space, especially if your space is quite limited. A slight note of drama can be given by the black desk lamp or small dark-colored details.

For those who want to make the most of the fact that they can work from home, they can opt for a more cozy office. The blinds can be replaced with light-colored curtains that let natural light into the room, and more green plants can show in the decor, as the Scandinavians like, but the idea of ​​a lot of white is still maintained.
You can play with the details here as well, as the office chair was very nicely integrated between the white of the desk and the beige of the drapery and desk legs.

Not all people love filtered light, so for those who want or need as much light as possible, I think this example is perfect. In the Scandinavian countries, especially after the summer holidays, natural light is less and less, both in terms of duration and intensity.
In this case, woody shades predominate and white is kept more at the level of the walls. Nordic design is a way of life, it’s something you recognize while walking the streets of Scandinavian cities, but it’s also a trend that conquers all those who love to be in contact with nature.

Scandinavian design means three things: linear, practical, and simple. Maybe that’s why it quickly caught on in other countries as well. Most of the time, less is more. This type of design is very versatile, and expresses a strong passion for geometry: Scandinavian style favors clean, essential lines and color blocks, and fabrics, accessories, and furniture are designed as a rational set.

I have chosen only three ideas today because I have encountered them most often among friends and colleagues. Ideas and variations are enough, yet this design still gives free rein to the imagination but keeps simplicity in mind.
If among you, my readers, there are people who are looking for ideas to get inspired in this direction, I hope that this article will help you. I will see you next time with a new article, I hope, also to your liking.


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