Christmas gift dilemma

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The winter holidays are approaching and each of us is already in a shopping frenzy. I think that for men it is easier to surprise their loved ones, because why not, we women are complex but simple at the same time. How is the situation if we turn it to the other side? How easy is it to find the perfect gift for the man next to us?

So for this article, I have prepared some gift ideas for him that you will absolutely not go wrong with.
What can be more beautiful than a practical gift, which will remind him of the woman who is thinking of him, if not something that he can wear anywhere and anytime? Without further ado, I will go directly to the subject.

  1. Never late again

Time flies in the blink of an eye. To complete an outfit or even to not be late for the beautiful moments in life, a classic and well-chosen watch cannot be a gift to be ignored. Show him your good thoughts and the fact that for you his time matters, with a watch that he hardly wants to part with, and we know that most men love special watches, and here I don’t mean that it should be from a certain brand but it should rather have class and be of quality.

2. Stylish all the time

Regardless of the nature of the job, a classic white shirt should never be missing from a man’s wardrobe, just like a woman’s wardrobe (see Image. Confidence. Success. – Effortless chic). Wherever he wears a white and carefully ironed shirt, he will leave a good impression at work or at a family meeting. The white shirt exudes elegance, flair, class, and care for physical appearance. And believe me, he will like it very much.

3. Minimalist and unique

If you think at first glance that this gift is small, then I want you to know that you are wrong. Yes, at first glance it seems like that, but don’t let appearances fool you. Buttons are an accessory that has returned to fashion in recent years and is highly sought after by respectable gentlemen, so if you choose this option as a gift, then go quietly to the end.
Analyze a little what he wears, what is his style, if the model you have chosen goes with the types of jackets he has in his wardrobe, or simply if he has shirts to which he can attach them.

4. With a retro flair

If your partner smokes classic cigarettes and not electronic cigarettes, something special can even be a cigarette holder. The combination of metal and wood seems brilliant to me. Easy to wear and even an enviable accessory for an outing with friends, I think this gift will leave him speechless.

5. Old and yet not

The tie has changed its shape and design over time, but it has never gone out of style. And I don’t think it will do it too soon. If your partner has any of the above, then I think you can choose this option and look for a tie that is completely special.
And if you like to borrow things from each other, a model like the one above will work for both of you.

I thought a lot about this topic and today it took shape in my blog. I hope it inspires you in the desired direction and that you find your partner, the ideal gift that you want to offer.
We will meet again next Sunday at the same time (2 PM Helsinki time), but until then I am waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions, and why not, your suggestions about gifts for the man you love.


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