Sleeping monochrome

When it comes to choosing a design for the bedroom or redecorating the house, it is quite difficult to decide if you are a person who wants to combine shades and colors. But it’s not that easy even for monochrome lovers. I thought this article to come to the aid of those who want a monochromatic bedroom that does not tire their mind, to those who want to relax by reading a book while standing in bed.

For the forever pink lovers, I propose this idea for decorating the bedroom. It’s a pale pink, but very chic. This example of a pink bedroom is for both children and adults.
When it comes to a monochrome bedroom, it is not necessary for all 4 walls to be in the chosen color. As in the image above, only one wall is wallpapered in pink and the rest are from details such as curtains, bed linen, or lighting elements.

This color is one that creates that cozy and relaxing atmosphere, where you can quietly read a book or watch a movie, and sleep peacefully.

For cream lovers, I chose this type of bedroom. With large and bright windows. As in the example above, the color is given by the details: curtains, furniture, and carpet. The combination of white and cream creates the feeling of a large space and at the same time comfort.

I chose this example of a monochrome bedroom because although I like light shades, it is perfect for a young couple. Create that feeling of passion, romance, and royalty, all at the same time.
In this type of bedroom, the idea of ​​monochrome was greatly emphasized, the chosen non-color (black) being the star of the bedroom. Here, the decoration details stand out very well and the sliding door allows the morning sunlight to blend perfectly with the interior.

But be careful when you choose this bedroom style, because while white gives the feeling of space, black does the exact opposite and for that the bedroom must be big enough to avoid the feeling of a box.

This bedroom is not only very spacious, but the chosen white makes it seem even more spacious. White creates that state of tranquility, intimacy, and freedom.
The choice of furniture must be done carefully because several shades can be tiring to the eye, and this must be avoided when it comes to the room where sleep must be of quality.The golden details from the furniture and the reading lamps are very well chosen in such a way that this bedroom looks very chic and very well thought out.

The quality of sleep matters a lot and that is why the bedroom must offer this. I hope that these 4 examples give you a starting idea. As usual, I’m waiting for you in the comments section with opinions and suggestions and we’ll see you again soon with a new interesting article.


Photo source: Pinterest

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  1. Very interesting article. As a renter, I am not really able to change the color scheme of the bedroom but what you write makes perfect sense. Thank you.

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