Scandinavian bathroom design

I’ve always been passionate about interior design, but I don’t think I’ve paid much attention to it. But since I started this blog, I seem to have found that burning passion. Anywho, I came up with some ideas to decorate the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. But I can’t leave aside the place where I […]

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The gypsy roll

As it was New Yer’s Eve and I have a family tradition of having something special on the table on the night between years, today I thought I would inspire you with a very tasty and dear recipe for me. Leaving aside the preconceptions about gypsies, no matter what country they come from, their cuisine […]

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The night between the years

I guess any lady wants to look perfect at the New Year’s Eve party. And we can wake up in two situations: either we are uninspired, and here I come with some suggestions, or we already know what we will wear even before Christmas. And to feel perfect and good with yourself, you have to […]

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A Christmas with a twist

Usually, all my articles had a well-defined topic and your feedback was exceptional. But in this article, I would like to let the photos speak for themselves about my Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas.I want this holiday to be more about family and loved ones. Let’s not forget the essence of this holiday. […]

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