Talk thirty to me!

This time that we all would like to stop seems to pass much too quickly. But there is a popular saying: ”in the 20s you learn, in the 30s life begins”. Well, last weekend I celebrated the arrival of my 30s, a new chapter that I hope will be at least as beautiful as the […]

A must for fall

It is the beginning of September and the cold season is settling in. Over the years I have noticed that no matter how fashion changes, some pieces are indispensable in any woman’s wardrobe, and today I would like to talk a little about this. We all want to always be in step with fashion, but […]

Salmon Teriyaki

As everyone knows, the Nordic countries are more fond of and consumers of fish, especially salmon. Now that my vacation is over and I’m back home in Finland, I can go back to my old culinary habits, so today I’d like to share with you a hearty recipe and I hope you’ll like it. I […]

Traveler for the day (part II )

It’s nice to travel, isn’t it? Especially if you are an adventure lover like me. And just so you know, nothing has changed in Tallinn while I was on vacation. But we will get there.Two weeks ago I showed you the hotels where we stayed on our entire route from Finland to Romania, now I […]


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