Lemongrass-and-basil-scented Mussels

Chinese and Asian cooking has become increasingly popular in the West with the proliferation of Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese,, and Balti restaurants. Summer is coming and in other parts of the world, it may be already or never left. But summer is waited here on the Finnish grounds, and that somehow makes me think of […]

The culture diet

Now that summer is coming, all women want to look flawless, perfect, to have the ideal body for the sexiest bikini. Sipping from my glass of wine as I write this article, I sit and wonder what the ideal body means? What are the standards and why should they exist? Well, I may not have […]

Vappu holiday 2022

May 1st is International Labor Day. For many Finns, is the season that starts spending their weekends or holidays at mökki, the holiday home I told you about in the last article. But let’s see a little bit where this holiday came from. As Wikipedia says May Day has long been celebrated in the countryside, […]

Summer patio design

Summer is just around the corner and we can prepare our backyards, balconies, or gardens for long evenings in the moonlight with our loved ones and friends.In the first image, there is a smaller patio for those who live in an apartment building. In some cities, those are shared and it is great if you […]


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