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Trust comes from the image and success is born from the trust. Somehow the image we see in the mirror, before leaving the house, is the one with or on which we build our confidence and then our success. I am still a beginner in blogging but I want to touch on some aspects that caught my attention the other day. We have to look good no matter how fashionable we are or not, how much time we have, our lifestyle, etc. What I’m going to tell you are some ideas that don’t involve colossal costs or drastic changes.

Ironing or steaming should be essential. We all know how unsightly or careless a garment that isn’t ironed looks. We can easily lose the beauty of the clothes we wear if we don’t pay minimum attention. Let’s take as an example a classic white shirt. If we don’t want to look careless and uninteresting, let’s give 2-3 minutes to iron the shirt and then look flawless. For ladies and young ladies who have a very busy schedule, I think it would be best when they have some time available, to iron more items for the days when they don’t have this time.

Another aspect would be the size of the clothes. From my point of view, it’s quite unsightly to wear clothes that are too big or on the contrary, to wear clothes that are too tight. You will not feel comfortable either if you are somewhere and you feel that the dress you’re wearing actually suffocates you or, in the other case, swallows you. That’s why my advice is that always buy clothes that fit us, are the right size and we feel comfortable when we wear them. The feeling offered by a garment that fits well is noticeable. In the title I wrote ”effortless chic”; I wanted to explain that we can look impeccable with a minimum of effort whether we are fashionistas or not.

Accessories can give life to an outfit, to a look. The accessorization can be done simply with a brooch or maybe with a pair of earrings, either a bracelet, a watch, or a belt. In this article, we are not talking about sports clothes or training. Here we are talking about casual and even elegant looks. It depends on you how you choose the accessories, in what quantity, and in what way you want to juggle them. I think it also depends on the lifestyle, tastes and so on.

A few classic pieces shouldn’t be missing from any wardrobe, they will never go out of style. Those classic pieces that no matter the occasion. For example, we can choose some pearl earrings that will go with a lot of outfits: office outfits, outfits to go out, etc. A few small details can denote coquetry and even give the feeling of that Parisian chic.

If we take as an example a black dress, simple, without accessories, it looks bland, with no personality. With a statement necklace or with a golden belt, not accessorized, it denotes a stylish woman who cares about her own image.

Wear appropriate underwear. Underwear is an accessory that shouldn’t be obvious. We have all gone from the trend in which the lenjerie was worn in plain sight. We don’t need that underwear that does absolutely nothing, or the one that can be seen through the clothes. There are certain cases in which underwear can be worn ”on sight” and I give you the example of a look composed of a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and a black lace bra. The chic in this outfit would be a thin strip of lace that can be seen through the neckline of the shirt.

On the other hand, it’s not recommended to wear very colorful underwear, with many patterns and laces, under light tops. At work or at an important dinner, you don’t want all eyes to be on you. The lighter the color of the top, the more recommended would be nude, skin-colored underwear. Speaking of the daily routine, it would be preferable for others around you not to know what color of your lenjerie is. But, no one says we shouldn’t buy colorful underwear anymore, but that goes especially under thick clothes, which don’t highlight the lenjerie model. Pay close attention to the right size, again.

For those ladies who go for more muted colors, the rule of three colors fits like a glove. In order to be able to wear a very colorful outfit and with models, a great stylistic dexterity is needed. You must be able to afford such outfits depending on the people around you, the environment in which you live, etc. In order to be able to wear such an outfit, you also need a lot of confidence in yourself. More refined, indeed, are the outfits that don’t have a lot of colors. But it’s about the tastes and the environment you’re in. That Parisian chic is given precisely by the fact that the French women don’t compose outfits in a lot of colors.

Photo source: Styleoholic

There are some classic pieces that shouldn’t be missing any woman’s wardrobe and here I mean a white shirt. Maybe many of the ladies already have at least one white shirt in their wardrobe. What they should know is that an outfit composed of this piece, in a light way, will make them look much better and doesn’t require much effort. The white shirt goes in a lot of combinations: with jeans, with a skirt, open over a T-shirt and so on. There would be many options. Also, a white shirt goes regardless of each woman’s lifestyle, regardless of conformation or even age.

Another necessary classic would be the jacket. This also applies to men. A jacket, a coat, or a trench coat should be found in everybody’s closet. It’s the coat that comes above the others, as they say in English outwear. If you don’t have one, get one that goes for almost anything, with no colossal expenses. In my case, I have this eco-leather jacket taken from Primark London last year. Apart from the elegant outfits, I can use this jacket every day, regardless of the look. I don’t think this jacket will go out of style.

Eco-leather jacket from Primark London 2019

A major difference is made by the shirt or the top tucked into pants. First of all, it adds, visually, a few extra centimeters if you are petite., but it also accentuates your waist very nicely. This artifice is very simple. Instead, the shirt over the pants can even add, in the eyes of the beholder, e few extra pounds. And we are definitely trying to avoid this aspect.

Another important aspect is how you chose your shoes. It will certainly have to be your size, but what is worth remembering is that when it comes to shoes, they must be comfortable, you can go in them. If you’re not used to heeled shoes or if you just can’t walk in them, then there’s no point in bothering. Rather, you chose to walk properly in low-heeled shoes. This is very important.

But for those women who can walk on heels, feel comfortable, and are confident, I have a quote from Christian Louboutin that says: ” There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men. A woman can be sexy, charming, or shy in her shoes. Shoes transform your body language and attitude. It elevates you physically and mentally.”

Exposing areas of our body in an elegant way can do good. There is nothing wrong with displaying a little skin. There are also situations in which this can hurt, namely too much skin exposure. But we’re talking about tasteful display. Opening a few buttons to a shirt, which creates a V-neckline, is very elegant than if you wore a short skirt, with a low neckline and bareback.

This type of neckline goes for any type of conformation, age, height, and so on because it lengthens the neck nicely, the face looks brighter and the top fits much better. Another example would be the rolling of the sleeves, f it’s also a shirt. In France, I also noticed this tendency of Parisians to roll up their jeans. It’s a discreet detail but it seems to lengthen your legs. The outfit is chic, very dashing and tasteful, with a shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes you can’t go wrong.

The last thing I want to talk about is care. It’s very important to pay attention to the manicure and pedicure, the hair, the perfume, lipstick color, and so on. A woman who is impeccable dressed, arranged but with a careless manicure, loses points from the start. I think that every woman wants to look impeccable, from head to toe. It is understandable, however, that if we talk about a woman who is divided between children, work, and home, she cannot always be impeccable. It would be good from time to time to pay attention to ourselves. These minor details are very important. I have often heard men say that they look at the hands of a woman first.

French manicure by The House of Wellness

The perfume and the lipstick are the last details that complete the look. The universally flattering color is red. Red lipstick will perfectly complement the outfit. And the perfume is the final touch that assembles each item into a beautiful picture. It is signed by the painter after he has finished his painting.


Sources: Youtube video from Andreea Balaban- Ten tips to always look (very) good, effortless chic

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  1. Very niiice!!!

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  2. I am a man and I found many of your tips can be applied to us, too. Very informative. Keep up the good work!

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