Halloween in Finland

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As we all know, Halloween is a big celebration in American culture. But, over the years, this event or this show of costumes spread all over the world. This celebration brings families together and the decorating part is the most enjoyable thing about preparing the event.

About 9 months ago I moved to Finland and this will be my first Halloween in Finland. I grew up watching American movies with all the decorated things, the haunted houses, the carved pumpkins, and sweets. In the past, I used to go to Halloween parties and have different costumes but right now I’m curious about how Finnish people see and celebrate Halloween since is not part of their culture thing.

So, doing my research for this article I have found some things about this celebration in a foreign land. The first thing they do on 31st October visits the graves of their loved ones and light a candle as a sign that they aren’t forgotten. They may be considered cold people but what I like is that they don’t forget those who were once part of their family.

All this fall landscape makes everything like a fairytale. The colors of the trees and the rain from time to time make you enjoy this time of the year. I’m a very big fan of DIY decoration and I’ve been working by myself to do all the decorations I have in my house for Halloween. To be honest, I’m really excited about it. I went to the local market and I bought pumpkins. Most surely I won’t carve the pumpkins ’cause they are very cute even though they don’t have scary faces. I made the bats and the front door decoration. All the house has this taste of autumn and Halloween. I’m looking forward to baking pumpkin pies and other sweets.

Since here the kids aren’t really going for ”trick or treat”, I still have candies on my hall table, waiting for them. Maybe some of them would have the courage to try. This is the delicious part of the celebration almost everywhere.

Halloween trick or treating – picture by BBC

So far I know, here in Finland there are some parties on Halloween. But because I never attended one, I can’t tell for sure if they are wearing costumes. If they do, then this must be really fun.

I remember that on my last Halloween, in my country, I was dressed as an injured police officer and all my friends were wearing costumes. That was really fun. The bar we were to was decorated for this event and even the drinks were made to look scary but were very tasty. I think I’m gonna miss those parties.

Whoever had a Finnish friend, knows that they are crazy about the sauna. They do it so often that anyone who tries the sauna becomes as addicted to it as the people of Finland. Well, they make saunas on Halloween.

While I was doing my research I found out that in some parts of Finland, at the end of the day, they have fireworks. Since I’m living in the South of the country, I will have to wait and discover.

There’s plenty of time to we can celebrate Halloween, but because I enjoy it that much, for me Halloween is for a whole month. I hope you will enjoy the article and I wait for your suggestions in the comments below. Happy Halloween!


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