Lockdown business

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I woke up this morning with this thought. While some other countries have finished with their quarantine, others just started. So, I was thinking that maybe we need some ideas about what to do during this time. I tried to avoid this subject because I like to write about things that make me happy, but also I realized that I can’t avoid reality.

It’s also the holiday season and maybe we’re too tired of movies and Netflix, so I’ll try to find other ideas to make our time at home as pleasant and productive as possible for ourselves.
I don’t know for others but I used to spend a lot of time in pajamas, on the couch, with my hair tight at the top of my head, and watching Netflix all day long. Well, also for the sake of a relationship, we need to break this routine. So let’s begin.

My first idea was general cleaning. There is very little time left until Christmas, so we have the perfect opportunity to turn the house upside down and clean by the book. For couples, it is perfect if everyone assigns a room to order, so everyone has their own space and the freedom to arrange it according to their own taste.
Or if they want to spend more time together, I’m pretty sure that it will be fun. Picture your partner dancing while vacuuming, or singing along while the microphone is the spray you use to clean the TV.

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Read! That would be my second idea. From all the great books you have in your library, take the time to read. It’s no secret that reading stimulates our creativity and enriches our vocabulary. And if you are thinking of trying other jobs, a rich vocabulary can be your trump card.
And in connection with this, I wanted to see what else reading can do and I discovered that reading develops the brain, develops critical thinking skills, and can even increase your self-esteem. Key points you would need at any time. So grab a book and enjoy every page. It’s fun.

As I said earlier about cleaning, the third point would be one that goes hand in hand with the first, and that is decorating. It’s the perfect time to take the Christmas tree out of the box, the scented candles, and the Christmas decorations, and go crazy. The house should be the place to relax and recharge your batteries. So make it the most relaxing place for you.

If you don’t want the kitchen to be the eternal kitchen where you cook, you can turn a corner into your own bar. Take out everything you can and arrange your bar.
For couples, it can be a great place to date and socialize. Get a sexy dress and take ”out” your partner for a coffee, like in old days.

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Because we are still in the drinks chapter, I recently discovered something very interesting, namely participating in an online wine tasting. Let me explain how this whole thing works.
There are companies that deliver a package of wines to your door that you would like to test. Then online is like a kind of cellar tour where you got the wines. You connect on TV with their website and start the adventure in the world of wines. Believe me, it’s worth it.
You can try it on http://www.wine.com or look for more details on The Best Virtual Wine Tastings to Enjoy from Home Right Now by Megan Soll.

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Get in the habit. Even if you only stay at home during this period, the routine also has its importance. So I advise you to make a sleep program, a routine. There is nothing wrong with having a routine.
Don’t always fall asleep after midnight. Get in bed at the right time and you’ll see that even the coffee tastes better in the early morning.
If you form a routine during all this time, when you return to work, there will not be such a big change.

And because I like to correlate the topics with each other, the creation of a routine also includes doing sports. I remember my quarantine experience. Without a routine, without a program, I ended up eating chaotically, and even more, than was necessary. Why? Because I was always in front of the TV. And the extra kilograms slowly appeared. And we all know that these are very difficult to take down.
So a little sport didn’t kill anyone. For couples, this is a super good routine to show the other the will you have and discover each other.

Photo source: Pinterest

My second passion, after writing, is singing. I don’t have a nightingale’s voice, but I keep the rhythm and the tone a bit. But karaoke works perfectly on an evening of isolation. Take your partner and prepare your own scene in the living room. It can even be a contest with some prizes at the end. But the fun is guaranteed.

We are in the age of technology and today we can do absolutely everything that comes to mind. Learning and development should not be missing from anyone’s life, regardless of age. Create an account somewhere where online courses are held and apply for the segments that interest you. I have seen that the site http://www.masterclass.com is being used more and more. There you can find everything, from business to fashion, from movies to makeup, and so on. Use that little computer from your head.
Christmas is coming in less than a week, and if you are out of ideas for Christmas gifts, this is a pretty good one.

Photo source: Pinterest

Get the kid out of you. When was the last time that you played a game? Probably it was a long time ago. But now you have time.
From the dusty box, take out the games that once made you feel like a child: Monopoly, Catan, Rummy, or even a puzzle. Remember what it was like when you were a kid.

I recently discovered a girl very dear to me. She does podcasts and that’s what I want to guide you to do, listen to a podcast.
She has the Christmas edition or Podmas. She generally talks about life and ecology and has super-quality content. But with these holiday episodes, she takes me back to my childhood again and again. It relaxes me but also makes me feel like a child again. You should give her a shot. She’s on Spotify and she’s really good.

Photo source: @go_earthfluence (Instagram)

We’re at home during this time, aren’t we? But we must not forget about ourselves, about our image. So the last thing I want to talk about is self-care.
All this time does not have to be only in pajamas or loose clothes. Yes, we don’t go out anywhere but my question is: we generally dress because we like it or because other people like it.
So go wild and wear everything you like, a new outfit every day. Or wear what you generally wouldn’t wear when you go out. Discover the creativity in you, and let yourself be carried away. See what comes out at the end!

Broadly speaking, these would be my recommendations. I have to admit that there are still things I have to try but there’s time. Like anything that happens every day, I’m sure this pandemic came with its lesson.
I am waiting for you in the comments section with new ideas or what you managed to do during this pandemic. Stay tuned until the next article.

Happy holiday!


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  1. Another fantastic article! Great advice on how to turn these dark times into a time of productivity. I look forward to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your comment on my article and for the kind words. I am trying to give another vision of this pandemic, that for sure nobody particularly likes.


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