Consumerism or fashion

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We like to buy, we like fashion and the latest fashion trends. But lately, I’ve been wondering if we really know what we’re buying and how we’re buying. Every year tons of clothes are thrown away, they don’t even get to see the store shelves. It produces far too much compared to how much we buy. Even in times of crisis, stores did not suffer much. And now I sit and ask myself, looking at everything that is happening around me: is it consumerism or fashion?

Quoting Ana Morodan, a successful Romanian blogger and TV moderator, she said: ”Style does not mean quantity. Absolutely not. I think that style means some very well-chosen pieces, which we can combine in many variants and which talk about us. It doesn’t mean we have to have mountains of clothes, cramped wardrobes, and overflowing jewelry boxes.”
Based on this line, with which I agree, I think people ”consume” too much of these industry trends.

And because it works, people and companies started to promote massively on Instagram and other social media. But from my point of view, fashion doesn’t mean consumerism, and what is happening nowadays isn’t fashion. A very small amount of people know what’s fashion and how not to fall on the other side.

During the pandemic, people mostly bought from and supported the local business. A marvelous idea but now that things are getting settled I’m afraid they are going to start their wrong habits again.
I look at myself, at my closet, and how much I grow up this year. I stopped buying like a lunatic and focused on what I had or what great pieces I bought this year. And I understand that we don’t need a house full of clothes. No, we don’t.

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Fashion substyles are starting to disappear. Everybody wants what’s international, only brands and they don’t dare to try local fashion designers. They all dress the same. It’s pity because the new generation of designers are coming up with a great vision, and they aren’t costly as people think. But, they need to wait a bit longer for people to understand that.

I searched for a definition for fashion and found it: ”Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression at a particular period and place and in a specific context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportions.” From my point of view,
consumerism left the fog on what was once styled. Let’s see what 2021 will bring to the fashion world.

Sources: Fashion definition from Wikipedia


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