Fast fashion in 2020 and the mirage of recycling

We have reached a point where we are facing a great crisis. Company after company tries to create this idea of recycled clothes when in fact things are completely different.

My intention in this article is not to denigrate the names of certain companies but to raise some question marks an entire industry.
We produce clothes in a much larger quantity than we need. And I talked about this in another article, Consumerism or fashion. I don’t mean that we should have 2-3 T-shirts and limit ourselves to these, but we definitely don’t need 100 T-shirts in the hot season. What does this mean if we think about the environment? Massive and unthinkable pollution.

I discovered a scheme that can only make me sad. Dozens of clothing companies come up with the idea of bringing them clothes you no longer wear and they take care of recycling them. At first glance, it is an initiative of all praise. But the reality is different.
Going by the story, most clothing items are made from a mix of fabrics, which means that not all are recyclable.
What happens to the vast majority of clothes collected by these companies? Well, they end up being resold in the poor countries of Africa, where they are resold not recycled, or given to the poor.

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Others are shredded and used in construction for insulation. But what worries me is the impact of these clothes that end up in the environment. Thrown who knows where.
And so the society in which we live no longer thinks so much about everything around us, but only about selling as much as possible and making a profit.

The conclusion I reached, going on this topic is that we hide behind fashion to produce irresponsibly. How much is fashion and how much is the nonsense industry?
I’m waiting for you in the comments section to tell me if you see things that way or if you see them differently. Let’s talk about it.


16 responses to “Fast fashion in 2020 and the mirage of recycling”

  1. It is such a shame that so much used clothing goes to complete waste. I think it is down to companies etc to do something about the issue of fast fashion, and they should try and use more durable clothing then it can be recycled eg.

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    • Indeed, much of the responsibility lies with large companies, but the change comes from us. If we all stopped buying clothes that we might not even be able to wear, the stores would understand that they can’t fool the customers anymore just because they have all kinds of offers.

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  2. That’s an excellent point you made, that most of clothes are unrecyclable. It is sad, considering the massive amount of fabrics produced every year. I feel like plastic pollution etc. is taken quite seriously, but the problem of fast fashion is still some sort of a background issue. It needs to be more recognizable problem, in my opinion.

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    • Indeed. Really. It’s just that the chains of the big stores that offer so-called recycled clothes don’t think about many things, such as that for each garment they pay very little and work children who should play. They are the ones who produce most of the fabrics. Then no one thinks that every action of ours today affects out lives tomorrow. I like your point of view.

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  3. Great article. i had no idea this was happening. So it seems that all of the talk about recycling is just to make us feel like good citizens yet in practice not much is going on with it. Good job as usual….no you have become an investigative reporter! LOL

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  4. It is very nice to know your opinions and that is why I encourage you, if you have other opinions or suggestions, related to the article you are reading, do not hesitate to write them. 🙂


  5. Thanks Deea – I wasn’t aware about the mixed material not being recyclable. Depressingly unsurprising, I hope the problems with fast fashion becomes well-known and socially unacceptable.

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