A surprise on four wheels

It was as if I always liked to travel the world, discover new places, try all kinds of cuisines, and enjoy every strange thing that made me happy to live. Each country has had its charm and maybe in one of the following articles, I will write about such experiences.

I recently discovered something fascinating to me. Finland, even after so long, never ceases to amaze me. This time this country surprised me with some more special buses. They come once or twice a week and contain food or books for rent. I’m glad to know that people love to read so much.
For the elderly who cannot reach the supermarket, such a market on wheels is perfect. From fruits and vegetables to pasta and all kinds of food, just take the basket and enjoy shopping on four wheels.

I searched on this subject to see what other countries have to say and I discovered that many countries have something like that. It’s a super good idea to bring reading closer to today’s children.
Before there were these buses that housed hundreds of books, different ways of reaching people were used: bicycles, carts, cars, trains, boats, and wagons.

Although now there are not as many as before, I can still enjoy such a bus, and now that I have moved even closer to work, a mobile library would not bother me at all. It remains to find out the stations where this bus stops.

Photo source: hameensanomat.fi

These mobile books are currently around 200 in Finland, but of all the European countries, the first mobile book appeared in Finland in Vantaa in 1913.

This is a personal “discovery” that I can enjoy. What interesting things do you have in your city?  I am waiting for you in the comments with the most interesting things to share with me.


6 responses to “A surprise on four wheels”

  1. Not many people know about this. Interesting stuff

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my article.


  2. That is such a great idea! It’s uplifting to know that stuff like this exist.

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    1. It was a surprise for me too, but a pleasant one.

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  3. Great service. I wish we had it in Brooklyn!

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    1. I think I have found something for you. ”Brooklyn Public Library’s four Bookmobiles take library service on the road, offering books and activities at community events and in neighborhoods with libraries that are closed for renovation.”


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