Walking through Paris

I was cleaning my drive the other day and I came across some pictures I had long forgotten about. Some old pictures but very dear to me. Pictures from trips, pictures from photo sessions and I stopped for a few moments at this one. I didn’t even realize when the years passed and now that I’m approaching 30, I become melancholy looking at old pictures.

April 15, 2014- Paris

I have traveled over the years, I have seen beautiful places, but my soul city has remained Paris. With those narrow streets, with the cafes with small tables and the terrace, with those croissants with butter and the coffees with a lot of foam, with a dementially foie gras, with the best friends ever and the best champagne at Moulin Rouge.

July 14, 2015- Paris

I think Saint-Germain-des-Prés has the nicest cafes, the most delicious menus and a lot of tourist attractions. In fact, all Paris has. If you were to ask me now, I don’t know what to choose, but I would definitely go back to Tuileries gardens (Paris, 1st arrond., France). It will sound funny, but I ate the best croque madame there.

April 14, 2014- Paris

Sometimes I want to wake up the next day transformed into a bird so I can fly to this city so dear to me. It is such a romantic city, and even I caught it quite full of tourists, I was still fascinated by the elegance of the French women, by the architecture of the buildings, by the arrogance with which they drink their coffee and smoke their cigarettes.
Their whole journey through this life is interesting. I remember many of the art galleries, antique shops, and teahouses where I never left without even buying a new kind of tea.

September 29, 2016- Paris

The French metropolis is also a city dominated by countless symbols of European modernity: avant-garde museums, famous fashion houses, bohemian cafes, and secret gardens.

April 14, 2014- Paris

Now that we’re talking so openly, what woman wouldn’t be crazy about shopping in Paris? I’m not an avid fan of shopping, but I must admit that I also fell into the trap of the perfect arranged shop windows, as if to make you want all their wealth.

September 29, 2014- Paris

Although some time ago the unfortunate event happened when Notre Dame Cathedral burned down, I was able to enjoy all the beautiful details inside, all the mastery with which it was built in a time when technology does not exist like today and everything was made by human hands, literally.

September 19, 2019- Paris
April 13, 2014- Disneyland Paris

Of course, that child in me had to get to Disney Land at least once. And it happened. Twice even. It was gorgeous and I was fascinated by all those princess castles, haunted caves, and “abandoned” ships.

March 6, 2017- Normandie

My eyes have seen enough beaches, but you can’t find such fine sand in many places. Although the wind was a bit cold for the way I was dressed, I felt the need to take off my shoes and feel the wonder of nature on my skin. And every time I knew that someone up in the sky and someone down on the ground loved me.

April 13, 2014- Tuileries gardens, Paris

This was a short retrospective of the most beautiful journeys I have had in this beautiful country. Of course, there were and there are dear people who were part of this whole picture. But because what’s best is kept separate from online life, I think I’ll stop here. I look forward to your opinions, destinations that always make you come back and why not, maybe a new destination for me.


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