French vintage villages

France is known for its architecture, history, and good taste. But very little is said about the villages in the country where everything must be kept and preserved as it is. So in today’s article, I thought we’d talk a little bit about art. And when I say art, I don’t necessarily mean painting, and music, but also old architecture.

La Flotte, France, Photo source:

And today I stopped at a very nice village called La Flotte, Ile de Ré. In these types of villages, you do not have much freedom to build or modernize, but those who want this simple and quiet lifestyle pay up to one million euros for a house of 100 square meters, over 200 years old.
This also happens in La Flotte, Ile de Ré. The shutters must be in shades of green, and the houses must not be higher than one floor. But this very architecture brings hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

And just as a lot of things were discovered on this earth by mistake, so a very delicious type of potato was discovered. Grown in the sandy soil of this area, the potato is the local delicacy and for others, it is the caviar.

Investors who came from outside to try to modernize these types of villages were refused. The French loved their history and did not want to lose these works of art.
The authenticity of these villages lies precisely in architectural preservation. All the houses are over 100 years old but they were worked on to be preserved.

Photo source:

Laurent Favier, the restaurant owner ”Chai Nous Comme Chai Vous” from La Flotte, said in an interview: ” I haven’t changed anything, not even the interior windows. I did not alter the architecture at all, the gates are the ones that already existed. Because it’s beautiful. It must be left like this. And it was declared a historical monument. The whole village has been declared a historical monument. ”

As a tourist it is not necessary to look for accommodation with breakfast included because you will want to discover the medieval markets with all kinds of goodies.
And the best ice cream is said to be found here, from all over France. It remains to be discovered.

There would be more to add but the mystery would be lost. So to find out more I urge you to take a trip to such a small town and maybe one day you will write to me in the comments about your experiences.


Sources: Romania, I love you.

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