Snow and winter in Finland ⛸

Winter in Finland is like a fairy tale. The whole country is covered with snow, and the towering firs are a dream. The trees that are green in summer and in autumn the colorful leaves fall to the ground with a colorful carpet now look like crystals. They shine in the rays of the sun that wants to warm the numb world.

There is no way such a landscape does not leave you speechless. Last weekend I visited some islands that are connected to the town where I now live with some bridges. I saw houses in the middle of the forest, I even met a lone wolf but so beautiful. Among the firs though, two small deer were looking for food. Here man and nature are in complete harmony. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to catch them in a picture. Yet. Did I mention that I saw a fox too?

Even if the lakes freeze, this doesn’t mean that the Finns do not come up with ideas. And really nasty. I never thought that you could go skiing on a frozen lake, walk the dog on a sled or even go fishing. Maybe I knew about angling. But it’s not the same until you see all this with your own eyes.

Ever since I moved to Finland, I have begun to appreciate more and more what nature has to offer. And maybe I can’t capture in my photos all the wonders that have been given to my eyes to see. And for that, I am grateful every day. That my green eyes can see all that magic this earth has to offer.

I’m sure I have so many places to discover in this town, so many activities waiting for me to try them but now I just want to enjoy the magic of winter and the glitter of snow. Soon it will melt and spring will take place, the start that all nature is waiting for.
I hope I aroused your curiosity a little and maybe next year’s holiday destination is already here. I am waiting for you in the comments section with beautiful places in your country and holiday destinations.


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