The magic of Spring

Spring is the season when all nature wakes up from its numbness and comes to life and color. The snow that has been covering them for so long recedes slowly, slowly, revealing the thin blade of grass. With this transformation of nature, our first joys come. We can enjoy the scent of many seasonal flowers and the image of flowering trees takes your breath away. From the Japanese Hanami, which celebrates the blossoming of cherries, to the Finnish Vappu Festival, the joy of spring is celebrated all over the world.

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Somehow my appetite for nature intensifies and I would love to take the bike out of the garage. The day is finally getting longer here in Finland. Winter has longer days than other European countries.
And because spring doesn’t just come as a change of season, it also comes with some beautiful holidays like International Women’s Day. Then we are pampered with flowers and chocolate but especially with a lot of attention.

Nothing can be more beautiful than this period. I love flowers and I think this happens to most of us. So many colors, more and more enticing scents, bee hum and the air looks even fresher. It is also the period when the plants that we sowed a month before and whose germination we waited for growth. The planting period is coming soon. Spring is about transformation and about life, about color and perfume, about landscapes that we hardly part with.

The best part, especially for those who live at the house, is that soon coffee or tea will be able to be served outside on the terrace, in the not very strong sun yet.
An avalanche of vitamin D and a lot of well-being. This is another “definition” of spring. And everything that happens during this period seems so magical somehow.

Photo source: Pinterest

Spring does not only come with green grass and beautiful smelling flowers, but the whole wildlife takes shape. The vast majority of forest animals give birth to perhaps the most beautiful creatures. Do you still think that spring is not full of magic?

Photo source: Pinterest

Each season has its own beauty and I still haven’t decided which one I like the most but I’m definitely happy with every change. Leave a comment which is the season that fascinates you the most and why. It would be interesting to know your opinions as well. See you on Thursday with my weekly blog.


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  1. I can’t wait for flowers, coffee on a terrace, and all the positivity that Spring brings. It’s so nice to see that the days are getting a bit longer already. I’m very excited for Spring!

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