Susteinability and a new lifestyle

Lately, I have met a current that is starting to grow and I can only enjoy this, namely sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. And the coolest thing that draws me to this current is that it makes me more responsible and more attentive to everything I do and how I do it. I think I discovered some people who inspired me online during the winter holidays. And I follow their content and I like the vibe they have and how it stimulates me to be a better person and more attentive to the environment in which I live.

On this subject, I think it is the second time I write on the blog, so today I would like to show you what I have changed in my life since I started to become more responsible for the environment.

If we talk about plastic and other materials in which our food and drinks are found, I started to recycle bottles and cans from any drink. And besides that, for more than a year I have been selecting garbage in metals, bio, cardboard, glass, paper, and mixt.

Placemats from JYSK

The first thing I enjoy is that I finally don’t use that plastic tablecloth anymore. It is really easier to clean but in the end, it is still plastic. And because I like the more rustic style, I chose to replace it with some placemats, which are very nice and which are also recyclable.

Toothbrush from JYSK

Another thing I’m proud of is I kind of replaced the classic plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush. It is not 100% recyclable because the brushes are still plastic, but it is the most eco-friendly version I have found so far.

Candle from IKEA

I am a big lover of candles, and because of this, I am much more careful about which candles I buy. And here I don’t necessarily mean scents but the containers in which they are packaged. For example, I found this candle that smells divine. But when it’s over, I can use the container to put the makeup pads in it and the cardboard box, which is quite nice, houses a few pairs of earrings.

Textile bag

I strongly believe that every action, no matter how small, can have an impact on other people. That’s why I try as many times as possible (I forget from time to time) to use textile bags when I go shopping. If I forget, then I choose the ones made of biodegradable plastic. Later I use them to put the organic garbage.

Towels from JYSK

Also thinking about nature and saving it, I decided to replace the paper napkins with these textile napkins. The material is very soft, easy to wash, and does not contribute to cutting down trees. At least from this point of view.

I try as much as possible to reduce from other spheres. I no longer buy books but borrow them from friends or rent them. Recently I saw a video by Alexandra Vasii (My Green Diary Podcast) on how to reduce water consumption and I am starting to stick to this aspect as well. And at the end of the day, I have to admit that I feel much better when I know that I managed not to make any excess or waste and that I am part of the gang of the good ones, so to speak.

And there are still many things we can change without making our lives seem more austere. It is important to be aware of the importance of every action we take in favor of the environment. I will definitely return to this topic in another article, but until then, be careful about everything around you and be responsible.


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