Online communities change lives

Probably not a topic that will attract a lot but I would like to talk about something that mobilized an entire Romania and even those who went far away from home. And it all started with a message asking for help. Save the Children Romania and Aluziva have launched a fundraising campaign to purchase an ambulance for the oldest pediatric hospital in Romania, Grigore Alexandrescu, from Bucharest. At the moment the hospital has 5 ambulances, 4 of which are going to be destroyed while the one that remains in use needs a lot of repairs.

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Save the Children Romania is an NGO that has always mobilized to help hospitals. They have had various campaigns to help premature babies and equip several maternity hospitals with the necessary equipment for these babies. And much more.

In the online environment, which I am part of and proud to say this, I’ve discovered one of the coolest communities ever. There was a great awareness of this whole topic and I was glad to see that where the Government forgets to help, people help each other. Donations were made from all over the country and from abroad, either on the website of Save the Children Romania or by SMS. There have been days when I’ve been on the phone watching the news and being glad that real influencers have a say in everything that happens.

Aluziva, as we know her online (@aluziva on IG), Alina Greavu on her name, has an incredible community and this woman works wonders. It is not the first time she campaigns to raise funds and succeeds together with her supporters. We live in the age of technology and speed and everything is moved online but humanity has not disappeared and that makes me very happy. Journalist, social activist, content creator, and mother of three children, she managed to mobilize a lot of people to donate and spread the news, so that today, with great joy in my soul and tears in my eyes, I am glad to know that we have raised money for two ambulances (€ 77,290 each) and an X-ray machine for precise orthopedic operations (€ 120,000). It’s amazing what could have happened in one week. Together with those from Lidl Romania and BCR Romania, thousands of children who are hospitalized annually at this hospital will no longer suffer from the lack of ambulances.

Photo source: Instagram @aluziva

I made this post today because today all these beautiful things happened and the goal was achieved.  I am so happy to meet people who are the change. For one more time, we showed that together we are strong and online communities can change lives.


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