Fast food and its long-term effects

We all love chips and fast food. And almost everything that is on the market nowadays, more or less healthy. But how often do we wonder how much salt or sugar a product has before putting it in our shopping cart? More and more people are facing weight gain in the last decades. Not only is this not aesthetic, but our lives can suffer. Besides the fact that an overweight child can be bullied in school for how he looks, but also health problems set in, from heart problems to diabetes.

According to, 1 in 4 Americans consumes a certain type of fast food every day. Most fast food products contain almost all these “qualities”, namely: large amounts of unhealthy fats, a great lack of vitamins and nutrients, sugar that we do not feel directly but that reaches to the sky, an avalanche of calories and the quality of the products is questionable.

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For those who do not know this, salt is the main source of water retention in the body. And this can only mean more work for the heart because the volume increases. Already a problem is created and that’s hypertension. Now, no one says we should only eat salads and drink only water. But we must pay great attention to the food we buy and even at home what and how we cook from them. Because it is very easy to give up fast food products from restaurants and make them at home. But it is not healthy and it does not mean that we have made any changes in our lives.

And because the subject of children is a very important one for me, I want to focus on them in this article. I watched documentaries and TV shows related to this subject and unfortunately there are so many products and temptations on the market that it is difficult to keep a balanced and especially healthy diet. The evolution of technology and the lack of physical exercise of a child lead in one direction: overweight. And because the new generations of children are born with a tablet in hand, they are subjects to this phenomenon. Standing at the TV or computer requires snacks. And they eat not because they are really hungry but because they are bored.

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What I think it should be done in such situations is the visit to a nutritionist who will be able to create a personalized program for each patient, following detailed analysis. Once the meal schedule is established, and here I refer to the 3 main meals and 2 healthy snacks, we can discuss the exercise plan that patients will need. Because we will never be able to lose weight CORRECTLY only through diets.

From my point of view as a former medical student, our bodies must be in harmony. If deficiencies occur at certain points or something is too much, the imbalance is guaranteed.
I am convinced that any parent wants to have a healthy child, or even the whole family to be healthy. So, in conclusion, I want to give you a piece of advice: watch your children in everything they eat and do and be very careful what you put on the table. The food industry is no longer what it once was.


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  1. Thanks! I need to apply these advices on myself too 😁

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