The standards of the society

Society has changed over the 28 years I have lived so far. Some things have changed for the better, but most have changed for the worse. We have come to live in a society based on etiquette and appearance, not values. We are forced to do so many things that we end up doing just so we don’t stay out of the herd. But how much good is in everything happening to us now? There are people among us who lose their values just to look “normal”. But what is normalcy?

I must admit that I am revolted by a few things that are imposed on us. And there are things that didn’t matter so much a century or two ago, but that make a difference in being accepted or not in society. As you know from previous articles, I like to debate concise things, but as I see them.

The world of fashion has always fascinated me, but there are times when too much is required. And in this chapter, I would like to talk a little about model life. Almost everything is standardized. You have to be very tall and especially very thin. I could understand this somewhat, but asking some models to skip meals or find weight loss options just to look flawless on the catwalk is a bit extreme. From here to influencing girls and women around the world is just one step. And as we live in the era of technology and speed, information reaches young girls in two seconds. And if in another article I tried to sound the alarm on children who gain too much weight due to fast food, now I am worried about the other extreme. I know how many sacrifices a model has to make to be “perfect.”

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Somehow also in this sphere is the erroneous information related to skin and makeup. Never, but never, will we have that flawless complexion that we see so often on the covers of fashion magazines or Instagram accounts. No one, but absolutely no one has skin without the slightest imperfection. But that makes us unique. For a long time, it was forgotten natural beauty, although now it seems that it is still found in some fashion pictorials.

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Another aspect of my so-called revolt is that consumerism is in full swing. From all sides, we are bombarded with all kinds of innovative products, all kinds of gadgets. Let’s buy more and more even though we don’t even have time to use them all at least once. For what good?

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And as it is not enough that we have to be thin and flawless, there is also the sphere of aesthetic operations. Maybe I’m wrong, but do we really have to hide our age? Is it so necessary to look like 20 years old?
A woman matures as men do, and age should be just a number in the bouquet of years. Each period has its charm. Either we skip it or choose to stay in the past, we lose these stages of life.

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Our clothing should not be the one that puts the label on us. “She has a too-short skirt, so it means she’s an easy woman.” It infuriates me that we have to be so attentive to every detail in order not to be misunderstood by absolutely anything and not to create problems. Things have changed quite a bit in almost 30 years. And although I saw all these things on the rise, I did not expect to get to where we are today.

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It is very important, to be honest with ourselves and those around us. And another topic that is starting to become an issue is gender identity. There are countries where fines are imposed because we address a woman with ”lady” when she wants to talk about her gender indecency. It’s incredible where it’s this society at the moment. I’m not against LGBT +, but why don’t straight people make so much fuss out of this whole thing? I’m tired of always preparing my sentences at home so that when I go out into the world I don’t “get a thrown glove over my eyes” when I try to address someone. Until recently, equality between men and women was demanded, now why does the same equality no longer apply?

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To some, it may seem like old information, but I still face these stereotypes. I think I want one thing in the end: not to feel the pressure to look a certain way or pretend things. Every person is beautiful in their own way and has the freedom, to have their own personality, not etiquette. But let’s spread love, not other things. If you share the same opinion or if you have a different opinion, I am waiting for you in the comments section.


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  1. Again some stuff that I didn’t know 😅

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    1. I am really happy that you find my article interesting. Stay close for more and interesting posts.


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