A journey without borders- Skibotn, Norway

If you were to search on Google, you would find information like that:”Skibotn is a village in Storfjord Municipality in Troms of Finnmark county, Norway. It is located on the southeastern shore of the Lyngen fjord in Northern Norway.” But for me, another is the definition of this fishing village. These pictures speak for themselves.

From a distance, you can see a glacier sitting and lurking in the mountains. It was impressive for me to see the real tide. I had seen it like this on TV before, but the reality always feels different. Until then, the whole noise made by seagulls seemed irritating to me. But I learned to detach myself and see the beauty of everything around me.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words everything my eyes could see that weekend. Water was so crystalline, though cold enough for bathing, at least for me. I even saw small jellyfish, close to the shore.

I was very lucky that while other countries were in lockdown, here in the Nordic countries you could still travel. Unfortunately, it was the only trip I was able to make in 2020.
When I was little, all I knew about Norway was that it was the land of trolls. Now that I’ve been there, I swear I haven’t seen a troll’s foot, although there were a few small houses on the mountain as if made especially for them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a picture of them so that you could look at them too.

If you like fishing and do not own a boat, this problem is solved. You can rent boats right from the fishing village. One thing is very important to remember, they do not use euros or dollars but only receive their currency (Norwegian krone). They seemed friendly to me and willing to help you in any need you have, whether it’s renting a boat or finding a mini-market somewhere between houses, well hidden. But believe me, that clean air makes your lungs tremble with joy.

If you want to visit more than just the fishing village, then I would recommend other places in Tromsø. Arctic Cathedral, is an absolutely superb cathedral; it is a perfect place when you want to reflect in silence. The architecture and stained glass windows leave you speechless. Another good place to visit is The Polar Museum, very well organized. All this apart from the wonderful fjords and the northern lights, which to be honest I have been hunting for about two years now.

If you liked this article, I’m waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions, and why not, with other dream destinations. See you next Thursday with an equally interesting new article. Happy Easter!


Sources: triphobo.com and personal experience

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