Princess Diana- the people’s Princess

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Princess Diana has been and will remain an icon in many fields. It was not just a part of the monarchy but it was a real impact on the lives of many of us. Although there are so many movies with and about her on the internet, today I would like to talk about the people’s Princess.

She has always been in search of happiness, of a fulfilled family. And all this because at an early age her mother left her and the three siblings behind. This departure of her mother was a strong rupture, which marked perhaps her life. Such events that happen at an early age plant a great emptiness in a child’s soul.

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Growing up, she developed passions such as music and dance, but she always loved ballet. She was too tall for being a ballerina and that was another ”fail” in her life, if I may say so. The first reacquainted she had with her future husband was during the period when he was dating her older sister, Sarah. Although Prince Charles courted Sarah, a potential future princess, Diana stole his gaze.
At the age of 18, she moved to London, where her mother bought her an apartment. She began working as a kindergarten assistant at Young England Kindergarten and in 1981 became engaged to Prince Charles. This relationship was accepted and enjoyed by the Queen and by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

After the engagement, Lady Diana quits her kindergarten job and moves to the Clarence house, then with the queen’s mother for a few days.
In the run-up to the wedding, Lady Diana lived at Buckingham Palace.

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Princess Diana’s wedding was like a fairy tale. I know for a fact that her designer had to order two types of colors in order to keep the wedding dress a secret. It is possible to be the most-watched wedding in human history. It was the wedding of the century, in my opinion.

In 1981, the first pregnancy of Princess Diana was announced and in 1982, on June 21st, she gave birth to their first son and future heir to the throne, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis. Also, Princess Diana was the first woman in the royal house who decided not to give birth at home, as had happened until then. The other son, Prince Henry Charles Albert David, was born on 15th September 1984, at the same hospital as his brother. Growing up, Princess Diana wanted to show them what was beyond the gates of the monarchy or of the palace. How people are suffering from all kinds of illnesses and poverty. Also, she wanted to give them the chance to have a normal life, out of the spotlight, so she took them on many trips, such as Disneyland, waterparks, skiing, and so on.

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Princess Diana was a devout mother, and in exchange for the nannies, she chose to decide for her sons, including when it came to the schools where the two princes will study, their clothing, and many other things. When her daily schedule allowed, she was the one who went to take the children to school or pick them up from school. From my point of view, she was an ideal mother for her two children. She was the one who spent more time with them. Charles wasn’t there that much. And in their education, she was very involved.

Throughout her time as a princess, she radically changed society through her acts of charity. And here I mean that she wanted to know more about AIDS, how it is transmitted, and if it can be treated. With and through her help, the sick were no longer marginalized and treated like walking bombs. It was an important step for society, to understand that AIDS is not taken by handshake or the same breathing air. From my point of view, Princess Diana was a princess of people and for people.

Personally, I will avoid talking about the breakup between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, because it is already very well known and it is not something I would like to talk about. The Royal Family stated that Princess Diana was not prepared to enter the royal life, but I consider that the situation was vice versa. The Royal family was not prepared for a change.
Finally, in 1995 she begins talking about her broken marriage and about other things that nobody talked about before: bulimia and eating disorder. She talked about this in an interview offered to BBC with Martin Bashir. She’s the one that inspired other people to talk about their health issues and raise awareness about this vital thing. Of course, after this interview, the Royal family filed for a divorce between the two of them, Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
If she was not much loved by the English, and not only, the fact that she brought to light this problem brought her even more appreciation. It was Princess Diana who brought about a major change in the English monarchy.

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Princess Diana was loved by millions of people. Perhaps the most beloved royal face. Every time they went out in public, Princess Daiana was the one who captivated everyone’s attention.
Unfortunately, after the divorce, Princess Diana did not have the same security that she had when she was married to Prince Charles. Now, there are plenty of conspiracies about how she died and why things got hasty by cleaning possible evidence from the scene of the accident and embalming her. Everything was too hasty, but we will probably never find out.

She was a woman of good taste, she always showed up spotless, whether it was an interview or she was just leaving the house. A fashion icon we rely on even today. She was a classy lady, very smart from my point of view. She was loved by the whole world from the first moment when she appeared in public as the fiancée of Prince Charles. She was very involved in charitable causes, and in doing good, although in her private life she rarely managed to be happy. She loved her children very much and as much as she was part of their lives, she was their devoted mother.

Fortunately, all of Princess Diana’s efforts were not in vain, and through her two sons, her legacy will go further. Her charisma and compassion for those in need will keep the people’s Princess in the memories of those who knew her personally or not. Indeed she was the people’s Princess.

If you liked this article and if you want to talk about other prominent figures in the world, I am waiting for you in the comments section. Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Enjoy reading and see you next Thursday.


Sources: Princess Diana’s Real-Life Battle With Bulimia by Vogue Magazine & William and Harry After Diana’s Death by Real Royalty

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