Yyteri beach, Finland

We are fast approaching the hot summer days, right here in the heart of Finland, or rather, a little further south. And I can’t wait to put on my swimsuit again, to quickly get my straw hat, car keys, and slippers back on. It smells of a holiday, and believe me, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Here in Pori, is a beautiful beach, as you can not find anywhere in the Nordic countries. With some beautiful dunes, with fine sand and the sea so beautiful and clean. And it’s just the noise of young people going on a holiday, and children running happily and seagulls flying unhindered in their hunt for fish.

Photo source: pinterest.com
Photo source: personal archive
Photo source: personal archive

This beach is huge, stretches for 6 kilometers, and is one of the most visited beaches in Finland. Do you know that I told you earlier that it has some beautiful dunes? Well, these dunes are unique in Europe, as reported by both locals and Wikipedia. So it has to be true.
If you are a lover of sunsets, on this beach you can have the most romantic moments. Either you wait for the sun to take a short break, because at some point the night is no longer night, or you want to take long walks on the beach and enjoy its pastel picture.

Finns are internationally recognized for their love place in terms of the sauna. It is an ancient tradition and it is indispensable on most of their weekends, this also applies to me, especially since the sauna is right in the bathroom. So, if you want more from a mini-vacation in this part of the country, you must know that the saunas are not missing, whether you go to the public one on the beach or you choose the exclusive ones. This beach also has houses for rent for larger or smaller families, space for caravans, and everything else you can think of.

Photo source: yyteribeach.fi

The Finns manage this beach very organized. Besides the camping and accommodation places, sauna and clean beach, there are also restaurants with very good food. I don’t know under what conditions it will be open this summer, but it is worth visiting. Adventure Park Huikee is perfect for those who love more activity than sitting in the sun or swimming in the sea.

Also in Pori, 15 minutes from downtown toward the sea, you can find an amazing golf course. Being built on coastal sand dunes makes it unique in Finland, and provides the best conditions for a long season. More information about this you can find right on their website: http://www.yyterigolf.fi .

Photo source: yyteribeach.fi

According to people on TripAdvisor: ”Yyteri Beach and Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät are the best beach areas in Finland. However, Yyteri Beach is much more than just a swimming beach. It is ideal for kiteboarding (kite surfing), windsurfing, SUP, golfing, disc golfing, walking, hiking, biking, mountain biking (cross-country cycling, trail riding), fat biking, horseback riding, bird-watching, wellness holidays (the spa), photographing, etc. Yyteri Beach is one of the most Instagrammable places in Finland. Huikee Adventure Park is also located almost on the beach. I especially loved the seven walking and hiking routes in Yyteri. They are 1.5-8.0 kilometers long and you can combine them easily. Views are so fantastic and marvelous that you love Yyteri even without any activities. Accommodation possibilities are very good and restaurants are quite good, too”.

In this case, all that’s left is to prepare your luggage and passport or take some things and your car keys and set off. It is a place worth seeing with your own eyes. What are your plans for this summer?

Sources: yyteribeach.fi, yyterigolf.fi, tripadvisor.com


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  1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁🙏

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  2. It looks like a very nice place, indeed….very restful…but how do you pronounce a word that begins with two “y’s”??LOL

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    1. Here in Finland “y” is pronounced as “iu”, so the pronounciation would be Iuteri. It was hard for me as well. ☺️


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