Quality Finnish products

It is important to take care of our body, especially the skin and hair. So today I thought that this article would be a kind of review on some care products that I have been using for some time and that I am very happy with. Since I moved to Finland, I have started discovering their products, and I would like to share them with you, my dear reader.

Recently I discovered that we are no longer safe with all these deodorants and antiperspirants that are on the market. They contain substances that are harmful if the products are used for a long time. So in search of something healthier I discovered a deodorant cream that is very effective and much healthier for my body, namely the Original Deo cream from Kaurilan Sauna.
It is available at a price of € 13.90 and although it looks like a very small box, it is very durable. Value for money 5 stars.

Photo source: http://www.ruohonjuuri.fi

The second product I discovered here and which I really like, and that’s Lumene waterproof bi-phase eye &lip makeup remover. I use this make-up remover because it seems to me that it cleanses my skin very well, leaves a fine skin texture, and does not stay dry at all. It seems to me that it moisturizes very well after many hours of complexion loaded with makeup. Matte lipsticks are very easy to remove and leave no traces.
It is a very good product, at an affordable price for any woman and it is very effective. Value for money 5 stars.

Photo source: http://www.hajuvesi.fi

Like any woman who has relatively long hair and always has to straighten it, I found this spray that helps me a lot. Whether it is short or long hair, it is very easy to use and easy to remove in the shower. I use it almost daily because it does not degrade the hair, and the curls are resistant, without the need for hair mousse or hairspray. Is called Salt Mist from Four Reasons Professional. It is available at the price of 17.90 euros, but although it looks like a small spray, it is not necessary to apply a lot of product applied on the hair. Value for money 5 stars.

Photo source: nordichairhouse.com

This toothpaste Luonnon Hammastahna from Yrtin Raikas looks great to me, especially because it does not contain fluoride, it is much more natural than the usual ones on the market, it is not extremely mentholated and it cleans very well. My partner is allergic to fluoride and we tried all kinds of toothpaste until we discovered this one. From the first wash, the difference was felt.
The price is not very high either, juggling between 7.40 and 5.90 euros. Value for money 5 stars.

Photo source: http://www.sinunapteekki.fi

And the last but not least, the liquid soap is Hoitava Pesuneste from Medisoft. From natural ingredients, it maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance, and having a pH of 5,5 is great for everyday use for the entire family.
The price is affordable, being only 4.55 euros. The container is 300 ml but you don’t need a lot of product at one time because it makes quite a lot of foam. Value for money 5 stars.

Photo source: nellik.fi

For those who are curious to try these products, know that they can also be ordered online. One thing I can say that saddens me is the plastic packaging that is such a strong enemy of this planet. I think it will be many years before we understand how much harm we do with our hands. And unfortunately, we do not find the products we need, in eco-friendly packaging. But I’m still hoping and still looking.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and as usual, I look forward to your opinions and suggestions in the comments. I wish you a beautiful Sunday and see you next week.

Sources: personal experience


3 responses to “Quality Finnish products”

  1. A very good and informative article. However, it points to a major concern of mine regarding price. It seems that any product that is either good for me or good for the environment is priced beyond the range of the average consumer. For example, the toothpaste you mention costs about 5 times as much as a “regular” toothpaste. I feel that manufacturers of these products are tapping into the guilty feelings of people who feel almost forced to pay the extra money to avoid “poisoning” their families or the planet. When manufacturers produce products that are as safe as they claim but at a competitive price then I will be impressed with them. As of now, most people, I believe, simply can’t afford to make the switch. Add to that your excellent observation of their packaging that is destructive to the planet and I am even less convinced that these products are the right choice for me or for many others. Thank you for your article….as you can see it inspired me to write a lengthy response.

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  2. I’ve seen Lumene brand in my local shopping centre, it’s nice to know they have good products. I will definitely give it a try next time I’m looking for new beauty products. Very informative post, thank you!

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    1. I’m glad you liked my article. If you want to use the products from this brand, I invite you to update me in the comments section. I am interested in those who follow my recommendations to have the most pleasant experiences possible.


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