Mental health is a real thing

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I want to open this topic a bit because from what I see on social media at least, opinions are divided. Some believe that going to a psychologist/therapist should definitely be when or if you’re crazy, others consider that burnout is a fad and others try their best to raise awareness about this delicate and very important topic.

Opinions are so divided that I do not know what the cause is: some may never have tried to talk to themselves, others may consider this topic trivial and in fact do not try to solve their problems. Some still think it’s a shame to go to a psychologist, while others, who share the same opinion with me, consider this extremely important. And it is.

We throw ourselves into the waves of life and whenever a problem arises, we sink into work, on social media, and look for excuses, we just get rid of the truth. And the truth hurts and is never easy to digest. But covering it with all sorts of “activities” does nothing but break out at some point. And that’s how we get to a point where we physically give up; not being able to get up from the couch when you are perfectly healthy is a shock.
That is the moment when you realize how far you have gone, and not in the right direction. You are scared of all those moments so much that you feel like your life ends there. We procrastinate for years until we end up in a situation like this that we can no longer control.

I would not know to tell you what is the best option for healing, we are different. I am more pragmatic, I like things that are palpable, clear, and without detours. But we certainly should not consult a therapist when the world is actually running away under our feet.
I think one of the worst choices is to take into account what those around us are saying. Most likely they will not believe or understand or they will laugh in your face. All this does is create an even greater state of anxiety, maybe even depression. Burnout exists and is as real as daylight. It’s neither a fad nor a trend as many consider online; that you get bored and to make people notice you.

I believe that we should take care of our mental health as much as we take care of our physical health. And let’s take as seriously as possible everything that we think is not as it should be. No one will care if we are well, no one will try to read your inner pain, so be strong and take the reins in your hands and guide your life to what makes you well.
It saddens me that the society we live in has other values, and other concerns, and they forget to look in their own backyard. So many problems are hidden from view, a step away from us, but we must have the courage to speak.
I am a new person, who every day tries to be better, better with herself, and who has learned that life is worth living. And it’s really beautiful if you know how to choose from everything it gives you.

I hope I have not charged you negatively with this article, but I sincerely want the people around me, and not only, to understand how important mental health is for a happier life.
As usual, I am waiting for your opinions and suggestions in the comments section, maybe even topics you would like me to write about. Enjoy reading and see you next Sunday.


2 responses to “Mental health is a real thing”

  1. This is such an important topic and I’m glad you are addressing it. Especially these days with all of the lockdowns and social restrictions it can drive many to their breaking point. Speaking to a trained mental health professional may make a big difference in someone’s life. After all, if a person is suffering from a physical ailment they would not hesitate before going to a doctor. So why not if someone has an emotional or psychological issue should they not go to a mental health care professional. True, there are many cultures that view such things as shameful but that is slowly changing. So thank you again for writing this very important article.

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    1. Indeed, this pandemic has affected the lives of many of us. But we must make sure that our mental health must be in the same harmony as our physical.


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